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Do Sanctions Really Work?

Foreign leaders are gathered in Geneva, trying to come up with a plan to ease sanctions on Iran, in exchange for promises about their nuclear program. Guest host Celeste Headlee asks NPR's Tom Gjelten about when sanctions work, and why they sometimes don't.

Jazz Legend Sandoval: Music 'Keeps You Alive'

Jazz great Arturo Sandoval received the National Medal of Freedom earlier this week. Guest host Celeste Headlee highlights his music, life and work.

Pakistani Who Helped Hunt Bin Laden Is Charged With Murder

Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi, who was recruited to collect DNA samples to help the U.S. zero in on Osama bin Laden, has been charged with murder in a case stemming from a surgery he performed on a teenage boy several years ago.

World Headlines: Ukrainians Protest Government Decision On EU

Demonstrators gathered in Kiev's Independence Square over the government's decision to delay a landmark association agreement with the European Union. In other news, South Africa's media defy the government and publish photos of the president's home, and a new islet forms near Tokyo.

Disaster In Latvia As Store's Roof Collapses, Killing Dozens

A massive hole opened up as much of a supermarket's roof fell down on shoppers and store employees. Several firefighters who responded to the scene were also killed by falling debris.

Death Toll In The Philippines Rises Above 5,000

The number of people confirmed killed by Typhoon Haiyan continues to increase. Authorities are finding more victims as they search destroyed buildings and as they reach remote areas.

As Inequality Grows, Swiss To Vote On Curbing Executive Pay

The proposal would prohibit a corporate executive from making more than 12 times what a company's lowest-paid worker makes. Opponents warn it could drive companies and jobs out of Switzerland. But there is a growing mood across Europe in favor of limiting corporate pay.

Hondurans To Elect New President On Sunday

Eight candidates are vying for the office in a race that has tightened in recent weeks. The top-two contenders include the candidate from the ruling party that has been in power since 2009 and the wife of the former president who was deposed by the military four years ago.

The European Union Says It Wants To Join The Drone Club

Seven EU countries said they would form a club to produce military drones. The European project would join drones made by the U.S., Israel and more recently China.
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Iran's Nuclear Deal

Iran has signed a historic agreement that will slow its uranium enrichment program in exchange for a loosening of international sanctions. We examine the deal and its detractors.