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Turkish Security Forces Arrest Hundreds Of Protesters

Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan drew hundreds of thousands supporters to Taksim Square, where he celebrated the successful eviction of protestors by riot police using teargas and water cannons. Unions have called for a national strike to protest Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian rule.

Poor Economy Encourages Scientists To Leave Spain

More than 40,000 scientists in Spain have signed a petition calling on their government to freeze budget cuts blamed for an exodus of the country's best and brightest researchers. As the Spanish government struggles to avoid a bailout, it has cut the number of university jobs and research grants.

Nazi-Era Past Clouds Germany's Leadership Role

After the G-8 Summit in Northern Ireland, President Obama travels to Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Renee Montagne talks to Zanny Minton Beddoes, of The Economist, about the magazine's upcoming cover story on Germany and its failure to take a leadership role in the European Union.

Obama Begins European Trip With G-8 Summit In Ireland

Syria's civil war is expected to be a central issue as the U.S. president meets with the world's other major powers. Obama's decision last week to send weapons to the Syrian rebels is supported by Britain and France, but not by Russia.

Iran's New President A Relative Moderate

Hasan Rowhani, a midranking cleric, has been a politician since the 1979 revolution. He backed a violent crackdown against the pro-democracy student movement in 1999. But during the campaign, he appeared as the most charismatic and pragmatic of all the candidates.

Turkey's Premier Says It's His Duty To Crush Protests

Crews worked overnight to clear any trace of the two-week demonstration in Istanbul's Taksim Square as riot police continued to clash with protesters in Istanbul and the capital, Ankara.