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Airline Offers Upgrade To Sit In Child-Free Zone

If you board a plane excited for your trip but dreading the possibility of a baby crying, this news is for you. The budget arm of Singapore Airlines — called Scoot — is offering a $14 upgrade to sit in a child-free zone — no one under 12 allowed.

Madrid Creates 'Acoustic Protection Zone'

In downtown Madrid, music floats through the air — amateur musicians playing for money. But many are not that good. To shield residents from mediocre musicianship, the city created an "acoustic protection zone." Buskers who wish to perform will be talent tested.

Opposition Accuses Syria's Regime Of Chemical Weapons Attack

The United Nation's is calling for an investigation into whether the Syrian government launched a gas attack on suburbs of the capital Damascus. For more, David Greene talks to Abigail Fielding-Smith, who reports on Syria for the Financial Times from Beirut, Lebanon.

U.N. Inspectors Try To Get To Site Of Alleged Syrian Attack

United Nations Weapons inspectors are already in Syria investigating previous allegations the Assad regime used chemical weapons. Renee Montagne talks to Charles Duelfer, a former U.N. weapons inspector, about this week's apparent evidence of a chemical attack on the outskirts of the capital Damascus.

Bo Xilai's High-Profile Trial Gets Underway In China

Disgraced Chinese politician Bo Xilai is on trial — accused of accepting bribes, corruption and abuse of power. Once a powerful Communist Party boss, Bo became the most senior leader to fall from power in years after revelations emerged that his wife had killed a British businessman.

China's College Grads Face A New Reality: Fewer Jobs

Young Chinese are graduating in record numbers, but the country's once-red-hot economy has cooled. And critics say because many young Chinese have known only booming growth and have higher expectations than earlier generations, they don't show much commitment to looking for work — echoing a complaint about millennials in the U.S.

NASA Reactivating Spacecraft To Hunt For Near-Earth Asteroids

NASA is bringing a retired spacecraft back into service to help search for asteroids that could pose a danger to Earth, the space agency announced on Wednesday.

Former High-Profile Chinese Politician Heads To Court

Bo Xilai, the disgraced senior Chinese politician, on trial Thursday. China's leadership hopes Bo's trial will bring an end to the country's biggest political scandal in decades, but observers say few of the charges he will face in court relate to the most embarrassing revelations that have emerged in the case.

Israeli Politician Stirs Up The Religious-Secular Debate

Ruth Calderon's first speech in parliament led some to call her the leader of a Jewish renaissance. But others view her as a real threat — to Judaism itself.

Syrian Government Accused Again Of Using Chemical Weapons

Anti-government activists in Syria are accusing President Bashar al-Assad's forces of deploying a chemical weapons attack on the suburbs of the capital, Damascus. The government denied the attack, but the allegations have prompted the United Nations to call an emergency meeting. Melissa Block talks to Washington Post reporter Loveday Morris for more.