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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Is Banned By Court

A court in Egypt has issued a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that is still protesting the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi this summer.

Survivor Of Kenya Mall Attack Describes Horrible Situation

Efforts are underway in Nairobi to remove the militants and others trapped in the high-end shopping mall after it was attack on Saturday. For more on what the situation is like, David Greene talks to an American who works for a non-governmental organization. She asks only to be identified by her first name Lauren.

No Way, Man! Last VW Bus To Soon Roll Off Assembly Line

The transportation of choice for hippies is made only in Brazil. But "the man" says it needs air bags and other safety features, and VW says they can't be added to the vehicle. Are you cool with it going away or totally bummed out?

Kenyan Police Say They're 'Closing In' On Mall Attackers

Kenyan government spokesman Joseph Ole Lenku said that "our forces are in control of all the floors" at the upscale Nairobi mall. He added that at least two "terrorists" are dead. An Islamist militant group from Somalia has claimed responsibility.

Pakistan, Iraq See Uptick In Suicide Bombings

To try to understand what's behind the rise in gruesome attacks, Steve Inskeep talks to Vali Nasr, who is the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He has served as a senior adviser to the U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Syria's Move To Join Chemical Treaty Puts Pressure On Israel

World leaders meeting at the United Nations in New York this week face potentially dramatic changes to arms control in the Middle East. Syria may give up chemical weapons. Iran is signaling it could negotiate with the West over its nuclear plans. How might this affect Israel, and its own weapons programs?

A Check On The Global Economy With IMF Head Lagarde

David Greene talks to IMF chief Christine Lagarde, who has advocated for what some people have labeled "harsh" austerity measures that forced struggling European nations to slash government payrolls and reduce public services.

Germany's Chancellor Leads Conservative Party To Victory

Official election results confirm that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have won — but they finished short of an absolute majority. The likeliest outcome is a Merkel-led coalition with the Social Democrats.

Mall Siege In Kenya Enters Its Third Day

In Nairobi, the military says it has rescued "most" of the remaining people trapped inside the high-end shopping mall. At least 68 people have been killed and 175 injured. The militant group al-Shabab from neighboring Somalia has claimed responsibility.

Got Baguettes? Bakers' Lobby Tells France To Eat More Bread

The French bakers' lobby has launched a campaign to keep bread on people's minds. Their slogan, which is plastered on billboards and inscribed on bread bags, is "Cou cou, tu as pris le pain?" which translates roughly as, "Hi there, did ya pick up the bread?"