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Attack In Nairobi Turns Mall Into A Battlefield

Gunmen attacked an upscale Mall in Nairobi Saturday, killing at least 30, according to the Red Cross. Kenyan forces have been fighting the gunmen who remain in the mall.

The U.S. Has More Guns, But Russia Has More Murders

A prominent Russian lawmaker mocked the U.S. during the mass shooting in Washington this week. But statistics show that Russia has more killings each year than the U.S. despite a much smaller population.

North Korea Cancels Plans For Cross-Border Family Reunions

A chance for families in South and North Korea to meet long-lost relatives has been put off, as North Korea canceled reunions that were to take place in the coming week. A South Korean official called the decision "inhumane" Saturday.

Bombings Kill Dozens Of Mourners At Baghdad Funeral

In Sadr City, a bombing attack has killed dozens of people, with the death toll continuing to rise Saturday. Multiple reports are citing at least 65 deaths in the attack, one of several in Iraq today.

Syria Meets Deadline On Chemical Weapons; Fighting Continues

Syria has delivered data about its arsenal of chemical weapons, meeting a deadline set by the U.S. and Russia a week ago. But the country's civil war is continuing.

Hostages Trapped Inside Nairobi Shopping Mall

Shoppers at the upscale Westgate Mall came under assault by gunfire and grenades around lunch hour in Nairobi. At least 39 people have died, says Kenya's president, including members of his own family.

Germany, Lauded For Welcoming Gays, Lags In Granting Rights

Germany's government has not legalized gay marriage or adoption, a position that could cost it votes in Sunday's election.

Syria Agreement Makes For Unstable Alliances

As Syria turns over its "initial declaration" of chemical weapons, President Bashar Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin have become partners with the U.S., argues Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. Host Scott Simon talks to Goldberg about the foreign affairs strategy with Syria.

The Effects Of The Snowden Leaks Aren't What He Intended

Critics of the NSA's secret surveillance hoped the debate that followed Edward Snowden's leaks would prompt the NSA to rethink the operation. Instead, one of the most noticeable effects so far has been a diversion of resources away from intelligence missions toward assessing damage from the leaks.

Germany's Merkel May Need To Include Opponents In Her Coalition

Angela Merkel is likely to win a third term in elections Sunday, but there may be a change in the makeup of her coalition government. It is possible that Merkel's main opponents, the Social Democrats, will be a major part of the coalition, and they would likely push for more stimulus measures to help struggling economies in the eurozone, rather than the austerity that Germany has demanded up until now.