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7,500 Square Miles Of Pumice Floating In Pacific Is 'Weirdest Thing I've Seen'

The rocks, floating in the waters near New Zealand, must have been created by an underwater volcano. The floating mass is about 200 square miles larger than New Jersey.

How A Pasta Factory Got People To Show Up For Work

And what happened when a guy called in sick so he could play soccer.
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Bankers Behaving Badly

Scandals at three big British banks have grabbed headlines recently. Some in the financial world say these aren't isolated incidents, but rather all-too-common practices.


Bears With Taste For Beer Have Quite A Night In Norway

It looks like they broke into a cabin in Norway and helped themselves to 100 or so cans of brew. They left behind quite a mess. It's our second story about burglar bears this week.

In Krasikov's World, Dreamers Can't Afford Dreams

Tell Me More is reading literature from countries on the rise in the global arena: the so-called BRICS nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Sana Krasikov's short story collection, One More Year, focuses on Russia. She talks with host Michel Martin about her characters and what it takes to make it in Russia.

Fighting Has Forced More Than 1.5 Million Syrians To Move, U.N. Says

The ongoing crisis is underscored by the enormous number of people who have been forced to flee their homes. While nearly 150,000 have sought refuge in other countries, far more have been uprooted but remain in Syria.

Egypt Accused Of Inflating Facts On Sinai Attacks

Egypt's military said it hit back hard against Islamist militants after 16 soldiers were killed in an ambush near the border with Israel Sunday. State media reported more than 20 militants were killed in operations as part of a new military campaign in northern Sinai. But evidence of the clashes has not been found.

Anti-Blasphemy Law Introduced In Tunisia

Steve Inskeep talks to Tunisian journalist Asma Ghribi about threats to personal freedoms and human rights under the Islamist-led government. Amnesty International released a report after a journalist critical of the government was arrested on "public morals" charges for drinking on a beach.