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Tech Giants Launch, A Global Plan To Widen Access

Citing the billions of people worldwide who can't access the Internet, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other tech leaders launched an ambitious project to narrow the digital divide Wednesday. The plan focuses on widening Internet access via mobile phones.

Release Mubarak, Egyptian Court Orders

Former President Hosni Mubarak could be freed from custody as soon as Thursday. The court ordered him to be freed as he appeals his conviction — and life sentence — for failing to stop the killing of protesters during the 2011 demonstrations that led to the toppling of his government.

Syrian Government Accused In Gas Attacks On Civilians

Renee Montagne speaks with Los Angeles Times Beirut bureau chief Patrick McDonnell about allegations that the Syrian government used gas attacks on civilians near the capital, Damascus. The Syrian government has strongly denied the accusation.

Japan Projects A More Assertive Image To The World

Under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the country has taken multiple steps to raise its military profile, revising a policy that has been little changed since the end of World War II.

New Reports Of Chemical Weapons In Syria; Many May Be Dead

Opposition activists say more than 200 people are dead after explosions near Damascus. Their claim that some type of poisonous gas was used is being denied by President Bashar Assad's regime.

U.S. Retailers Vow To Upgrade Bangladesh's Safety Standards

A group of 20 companies, meeting in Chicago Tuesday, announced steps to implement a safety plan for factories in Bangladesh. The companies, including Wal-Mart, Costco and Gap, formed the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, which promises to have fire and building safety standards in place by mid-September.

Since Crackdown In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood's Support Wanes

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be losing control. Planned marches aren't materializing, as the state continues to kill and arrest its members. The government is mulling dissolving the organization and some groups are calling for it to be listed as a terrorist organization. Under the intense pressure, analysts wonder if this means more extreme groups will reign and encourage violence.

Al Jazeera Offers Americans An Alternative For News

The cable news channel Al Jazeera America launched on Tuesday, and is now available in more than 40 million households. But there are many people inside the industry skeptical that its promise of thoughtful and serious news coverage can convince Americans to tune in.

U.S. Discusses What To Do With Aid To Egypt

President Obama's national security team met Tuesday to talk about policy options on Egypt. The country's military-backed government has been cracking down on Islamist protesters. The U.S. seems to have little influence or leverage over the situation. But it does give Egypt $1.5 billion a year — most of it to the military.

Egypt's Political Crisis Is Creating Economic Trouble

The crisis in Egypt is hitting businesses. Shops usually open late into the night are closing early because of the curfew, and some foreign companies stopped operations for much of last week. Economists say Egypt will be able to avoid a total collapse due to a $12 billion aid package from Gulf countries. But the interim government is unlikely to tackle Egypt's bigger economic problems because it is focused on the security situation.