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The Radical Brazilian Priest Who Was Excommunicated

Pope Francis is receiving a warm welcome in Brazil, the first major trip of his papacy. But the Catholic Church in Brazil is facing challenges from evangelical Christians. And recently, the church excommunicated a priest, Roberto Francisco Daniel, who has outspoken positions on sexual issues and has argued for change in the church.

Immigration Path Too Slow To Follow The Rules?

Much of the debate about immigration reform has centered around undocumented workers. But the system poses plenty of challenges to immigrants here legally. Host Celeste Headlee examines the path they trudge.

'Left Alone,' Oliver Mtukudzi Sees Music As Therapy

At 60, Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi now has more albums to his name than birthdays. His latest album, Sarawoga — which means "left alone" — is a response to the death of his son. Mtukudzi joins Tell Me More for a special performance chat.

Jorge Ramos On Latinos And The Future Of U.S. Politics

Spanish-language newscaster Jorge Ramos has been a vocal — and influential — proponent of an immigration overhaul. He has words of caution for John Boehner and the Republican Party.

Russia May Soon Let Snowden Leave Airport

Reports from Moscow say "NSA leaker" Edward Snowden has been granted the temporary asylum he's been seeking from Russian authorities. His next step would likely be to get permanent asylum from one of the nations that say they're willing to take him — Boliva, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Biden Escapes Monkey Business On Trip To India

Security for Vice President Joe Biden's trip to India is tight but agents couldn't do much about some rowdy troublemakers during a stop at the Gandhi memorial. About a dozen monkeys took over a tree above a statue where Biden would be posing.

Female Genital Mutilation On The Decline, But Still Too Common

The most comprehensive survey on female genital mutilation and cutting finds the practice has decreased in more than half of the countries where it persists. But in parts of eastern Africa, about 90 percent of girls still undergo the abusive procedure.

Dempsey Wary Of U.S. Involvement In Syria

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, has outlined the costs and benefits of the military options the U.S. is considering for Syria. The options include training rebels, military strikes and establishing a no-fly-zone. Dempsey offered his assessment in a letter to the top Senator on the Armed Services Committee. He noted there would be "unintended consequences" to any action, a reference to the past decade of military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some Afghans Worried As NATO Withdrawal Deadline Nears

It's been a bad month in U.S.-Afghan relations and efforts to negotiate a long-term security pact have been sidelined by a series of controversies and rhetorical bombshells. As the end of the NATO mission creeps closer, Afghans are increasingly worried that the bad atmospherics between Washington and Kabul could leave the Afghan people without enough U.S. support and vulnerable to predatory neighbors.

Jubilation, Protest Greet Pope Francis In Brazil

Pope Francis arrived in Rio de Janeiro on Monday and was greeted by adoring masses and protesters alike. It is his first foreign trip since becoming pope.