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Missing Marine Helicopter Is Found In Nepal

U.S. officials said it's likely the eight crew members onboard died in the crash. The helicopter was flying earthquake relief missions in Nepal.

Aid Workers Ramp Up Efforts In Nepal Before Monsoon Season

With Nepal suffering its second massive earthquake in a month, Steve Inskeep learns about the impact on the ground from Caroline Brennan, an aid worker with Catholic Relief Services.

Obama Reaffirms Security Commitment To Gulf Partners

President Obama hosted representatives from half-a-dozen Sunni Arab countries at Camp David on Thursday. Their confidence in the U.S. has been shaken by the president's diplomatic outreach to Iran.

1921 Matisse, 'Seated Woman,' To Be Reunited With Rosenberg Heirs

In Germany, a Matisse painting is being returned to Paul Rosenberg's family. It was one of more than 400 paintings stolen by the Nazis from the "first family" of art in Paris in the '20s and '30s.

U.S. Raises Opposition To China's Moves In South China Sea

The Obama administration says China is making aggressive grabs for disputed islands in the South China Sea. The mounting tensions loom large as Secretary of State John Kerry visits China this weekend.

What It Takes To Lift Families Out Of Poverty

New charities pop up all the time. But how do you know which ones work? Economists have come up with a strategy to figure it out. They've used it to tackle one of the biggest problems in the world.

It's Like The Story Of Job: Ebola Survivors Who Continue To Suffer

A mysterious set of medical complications plagues some survivors: joint pain, vision loss, rashes. Doctors aren't sure why it's all happening. But they have a name for it: post-Ebola syndrome.

Baltimore Artist Helps Turn Liberian School Into A Mural Masterpiece

The building was damaged during the Ebola outbreak. How do you welcome kids back? That's the challenge that faced a team of street artists.

Why Everyone's Talking About Israel's New Justice Minister

Ayelet Shaked is a secular Jew who belongs to a religious party closely tied to West Bank settlers. She's faced criticism for controversial statements about Palestinians.

ESPN Documentary Explores Allegations Of Corruption Within FIFA

NPR's Melissa Block talks to ESPN's Jeremy Schaap, whose new documentary explores the accusations of corruption surrounding FIFA President Sepp Blatter's rise to power.