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South Florida Haitians Protest Deportations In Dominican Republic

In South Florida, the Haitian community is protesting the possible deportation of hundreds of thousands of people of Haitian descent from the Dominican Republic.

China's Stock Market Suffers Largest Drop In 8 Years

China's main stock index, the Shanghai Composite Index, fell 8.5 percent Monday in the biggest percentage drop in eight years. The Chinese market had been making a comeback from a serious sell-off earlier this summer, but now much of that gain has been lost.

As Brazil's Economy Goes In Reverse, Illusion Of Prosperity Fades With It

Brazil's so-called economic miracle appears to have stalled, or worse, gone into reverse.

Obama Becomes First Sitting U.S. President To Visit Ethiopia

President Obama visited Ethiopia Monday on the first visit ever by a sitting U.S. president to that Horn of Africa nation. He spoke about human rights after a meeting with Ethiopia's prime minister.

Malaysia, Cuba Taken Off U.S. Human Trafficking Blacklist

Many human rights advocates and U.S. lawmakers say the upgrade has more to do with politics than with the facts on the ground in those countries.

Australia's Jehovah's Witnesses Failed To Report 1,006 Alleged Child Sex Abuses

That was the finding presented by a national inquiry on the sexual abuse of children that was launched in 2013. According to the inquiry, church elders also destroyed records about the allegations.

Tweets Welcoming #ObamaInEthiopia

One of the many burning questions: "Can we get footage of President Obama eating injera?"

New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah Tries Out Jokes About Racism, Ebola

The South African comic, who assumes the reins of the Comedy Central series on Sept. 28, did a show in Washington, D.C., this weekend. Here's a sample of his comedy stylings.
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Cyrus Copeland: "Off The Radar: A Father's Secret, A Mother's Heroism, And A Son's Quest"

A writer explores his father's mysterious imprisonment, and accusations that he was spying for the CIA, in revolutionary-era Iran.


In Ethiopia, Obama Calls For An End To Oppressive Tactics

During a joint news conference with Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, Obama said that a country is more successful when "all voices are being heard."