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Iran's New President Hints At Easing Internet Controls

Iran's President-elect Hasan Rowhani says his country should be more engaged with the world. While analysts are not expecting radical change, they say Rowhani could tackle pragmatic issues like increasing Internet broadband speed.

Tug Of War In Syria Exposes Splintering Opposition

The Syrian civil war continues to escalate. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with NPR's Kelly McEvers about the latest news there and The Guardian's Ghaith Abdul-Ahad about the conflicts between rebel groups.

Ailing Nelson Mandela Is Reportedly Improving

The 94-year-old anti-apartheid leader, Nobel laureate and first black president of South Africa has been hospitalized for weeks with a lung infection.

Syrian Army Shelling Reportedly Traps Hundreds In Mosque

An opposition group in exile says some 200 people are holed up inside the Damascus mosque as government forces close in on rebel-held territory.

Typhoon Lashes China, Adding To Flood Woes

Soulik, packing high winds and lots of rain, pummeled the Chinese coast, adding to already existing floods elsewhere in the country that have claimed some 200 lives.

India To Deliver Its Last Telegram

The telegram service has been running in India for 163 years, but today it goes the way of the Raj ... STOP.

British TV Broadcasts Muslim Call To Prayer

Britain's Channel 4 is airing the three-minute call to prayer at 3 a.m. every day for the entire month of Ramadan. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks to Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The Don Who's Taken Charge Of Jordan's Biggest Refugee Camp

After fleeing his native Syria, Mohammad al-Hariri became the most powerful man in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, where more than 120,000 refugees live. Aid workers view him as running a criminal enterprise, but they appear to have little choice but to work with him.

Russia Keeps Up Prosecutions Of Critics, Living And Dead

The prosecution of a deceased critic of the government made headlines this week, but opposition figures say it was just one of several cases where dissidents are being targeted.

Despite Repeated Tries, Afghan Peace Efforts Still Sputter

The latest effort, like others before it, has gone nowhere. With American combat troops planning to leave by the end of next year, the opportunities for peace talks are dwindling.