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Death Toll In Bangladesh Factory Collapse Surpasses 650

Workers continue to pull bodies out of the rubble from the collapse from last month's collapse of an eight-story garment complex.

Could Syria's Civil War Become A Large Regional Crisis?

Two Israeli airstrikes outside of Damascus in one weekend signal escalating tensions between Syria and its neighbors. The Syrian government has said the attacks "open the door to all possibilities," giving rise to concerns that the conflict could spill over the border.

Police Ask Passersby To Return Cash From Stolen Safe

When thieves in a Belgian town tried to shake the cops, they dumped a safe out of the getaway car. The safe popped open, spilling $1.3 million worth of cash. People scrambled to pick it up. One woman even brought out a broom. Two weeks later, police are asking for the money to be returned.

PHOTO: The Six-Story Rubber Ducky That's Gracing Hong Kong

Created by a Dutch artist, it's floating in Victoria Harbor for the month of May. See if the same song pops into your head as popped into ours.

Trip Update: Walking Out Of Digital Africa

Journalist Paul Salopek set off from Ethiopia this January on a seven-year hike. He has now left Africa and reached Saudi Arabia, and he sends this update.

German Terrorism Trial Puts Racism Fears In The Spotlight

Germany's biggest terrorism trial in decades began Monday. The case centers on a 38-year-old woman who is the surviving member of a right-wing extremist group called the National Socialist Underground. The group is accused of killing 10 people, most of them of Turkish descent.

Mariela Castro Wins Gay-Rights Advocacy Award

Over the weekend in Philadelphia, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and niece of Fidel Castro received an award for her gay rights advocacy. To understand the significance of Mariela Castro's honor, you have to go back to the 1960's when gay people were sent to forced labor camps.