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Kerry: Tests Indicate Sarin Used In Syria

"I can share with you today that blood and hair samples that have come to us through an appropriate chain of custody from east Damascus, from first responders, it has tested positive for signatures of sarin," Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN on Sunday.

Syrian Media Declares 'Historic American Retreat'

State-run media says that the White House has begun a "historic retreat" due to a "sense of implicit defeat and the disappearance" of U.S. allies.

What One GOP Congressman Would Do About Syria

Republican Rep. Tom McClintock of California lobbied heavily for President Obama to seek congressional approval for military intervention in Syria. McClintock speaks to guest host Wade Goodwyn about the debate ahead.

Assad Supporters Cheer Obama's Decision To Wait For Syria Strike

The Syrian president's supporters celebrated when President Obama announced he would seek Congress's approval for a military strike. But rebel forces fighting for President Bashar Assad's ouster were dismayed.

Last Flight Of Ethiopia-To-Israel Jewish Migration Program

After nearly 30 years, the program that brought thousands of Jews from Ethiopia to Israel has come to an end.

Obama's Nod To Congress Could Be Smart Politics

Members of Congress have been arguing for a week that the president should seek their approval on a military response to Syria. Now that Obama has agreed, it may be a case of "careful what you wish for." Guest host Wade Goodwyn asks NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson what Congress might do.

Ailing Mandela Is Sent Home In Critical Condition

Doctors says the 95-year-old former South African president and anti-apartheid leader will be able to get the same level of intensive care at his residence in Johannesburg.

Pentagon Is Cautious On Possible Syria Strikes

Military officials are concerned that a limited strike against Syria could prompt the Assad regime to target civilians with more conventional weapons. Guest host Wade Goodwyn speaks with NPR's Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman.

Congress Gets Its Say On Syria

Many members of Congress had been clamoring for President Obama to come to Capitol Hill for permission before striking Syria, but some Republicans say he should have acted without waiting for approval. Guest host Wade Goodwyn talks with NPR's Ailsa Chang on how Congress may vote.

Obama's Sudden Shift On Syria

The president said has made up his mind that military action is required in Syria. And in a major surprise, he says he will seek permission from Congress to do it. Officials say that decision took him less than 24 hours to make.