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The River Thames, A Not-So-Secret Treasure Trove

Frequently scavenged by "mudlarks" who roam its banks with metal detectors, the river has yielded Elizabethan coins, Roman statuettes and WWII munitions to those who are willing to dig. But not everyone approves of the mudlarks' method.

Young Greeks Find 'The Math Just Doesn't Work' Amid Crisis

Instead of stepping out into the world, many young adults are moving back in with family. "How can someone who makes 300 euros a month ever be independent?" one unemployed 24-year-old asks.

An NCAA Basketball Star In Europe

Ali Farokhmanesh became an overnight sensation after hitting the shot that sealed Northern Iowa's upset of top-seeded Kansas in 2010. Now he plays on a much smaller stage for a professional team in Austria.

Stories Of 'Outside The Wire' Give An Insider's View Of War

In some ways, Christine Dumaine Leche's writing class was just like any other — there were backpacks, rough drafts, class discussions. But her classroom was on an air base in Afghanistan, and her students were active soldiers. She's collected their work in a new book called Outside The Wire.

The Extraordinary Lives Of Ordinary North Koreans

Amid a cascade of headline news from North Korea, often forgotten are the 24 million average citizens living under the most authoritarian regime in the world. Host Jacki Lyden speaks with Barbara Demick of the Los Angeles Times on the lives of ordinary North Koreans.

U.S. Parries N. Korean Threats With A Fresh Plan

When it comes to North Korea's latest belligerence, U.S. officials can sound more like an exasperated parent responding to a child's tantrum. That's just their first warning, though; it's part of a recently developed counterprovocation plan that's being put to the test.
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Assessing The North Korean Threat

North Korea continues to warn of nuclear war and has advised foreigners to leave South Korea. A panel of experts joins Diane to assess the North Korean threat.