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Sen. Levin: U.S. Aid To Egypt Should Be Suspended

Robert Siegel talks to Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, about suspending U.S. aid to Egypt.

A Coup Or Not In Egypt? $1.5 Billion In U.S. Aid At Stake

Egypt is a leading recipient of U.S. aid, but U.S. law forbids such assistance following a military coup. The Obama administration has declined to take a position, but some key U.S. lawmakers are demanding a suspension of aid, most of which goes to the military.

'Sputnik' Orbits A Russian City, Finding And Healing Tuberculosis

One Siberian city is tackling the problem of drug-resistant tuberculosis with a health program affectionately named for an earlier Russian innovation. In the modern Sputnik program, teams of nurses travel around the sprawling city of Tomsk, finding and treating the TB patients who are the hardest to reach.

Mr. Darcy Statue Emerges From Hyde Park's Serpentine Lake

The 12-foot statue embodies the character played by Colin Firth in the BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice. Brits recently ranked his spontaneous swim the most memorable TV drama moment.

Drugs, Chaos And Violence Darken Mexico's 'Midnight'

Journalist Alfredo Corchado covers Mexico for the Dallas Morning News. His new book, Midnight In Mexico, is part memoir and part recent history of the upheaval in the country. He talks to Fresh Air about the power of the cartels, the rampant corruption and the hopes for the future of Mexico.

In Protest, German Activists Light Up U.S. Embassy

With a reference to the East German Stasi, the guerrilla art project used the Berlin Embassy to object to the U.S. surveillance programs.

A New Start For Egypt?

The ouster of Egypt's president has created a serious crisis for the nation and its people. Host Michel Martin talks with Heba Gamal, an Egyptian who left the U.S. for Cairo to protest in Tahrir Square, and Abderrahim Foukara of Al-Jazeera, about what's next for the country.

Do Egyptians Consider Morsi's Ousting A 'Coup?'

Host Michel Martin continues her conversation about Egypt's turmoil and its future. She speaks with Abderrahim Foukara of Al-Jazeera, and Egyptian protestor Heba Gamal.

Is He Or Isn't He? Much Confusion Over Snowden And Venezuela

A Russian lawmaker's tweet set off a flurry of reports saying the "NSA leaker" would be getting asylum in Venezuela. Then that tweet disappeared, news outlets started citing each other as sources, and the story just got all botched up.

Syria's War (The Official Version) Plays Out On TV

The highly lucrative Syrian television industry continues to turn out programs — largely from neighboring Lebanon — as the country's civil war continues. The shows are evolving to reflect current events, as envisioned by the government.