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Strikes On Syria Could Send Ripple Effects Across Region

Renee Montagne talks to Middle East Institute scholar Randa Slim about the regional implications of a U.S. military strike in Syria.

Assessing Role Extremists Play In Syrian Opposition

Renee Montagne talks to Elizabeth O'Bagy of the Institute for the Study of War about the balance of power among different rebel groups in Syria.

Obama Uses G-20 Summit To Gather Support On Syria

The G-20 meeting draws to a close on Friday, overshadowed by the crisis in Syria. President Obama continues to try, both at home and abroad, to build support for a U.S. military strike on Syria.

Olympic Committee To Announce 2020 Summer Games Host

Saturday in Argentina, the International Olympic Committee will announce the host of the 2020 Summer Games. The committee is choosing from among Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. The contenders all have strong selling points, but each also has serious issues clouding its bid.

The Other G-20 Drama: Obama And Brazilian President Rousseff

President Dilma Rousseff has been irritated by reports that the U.S. spied on emails, phone calls and text messages from her and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. President Obama tried to smooth relations.

German Police Raid Christian Sect For Alleged Child Abuse

The two communities in Bavaria belonging to the Twelve Tribes sect were raided by authorities who said they had evidence that children were being harmed.

Japanese Whiskey Teases U.S. Consumers By Playing Hard To Get

Japanese whiskey-makers are protective of their product and want the prized spirit to be consumed a certain way. In Japan, that means serving it with particular foods and diluting it with pure water.

Obama Meets With Human Rights Activists In Russia

President Obama, in St. Petersburg for the G-20 Summit, met with Russian human rights activists, most of them critical of President Putin's policies. Especially prominent right now is Russia's LGBT community, which is facing harsh new laws that play into homophobia and raise doubts about LGBT participation in the Sochi Winter Olympics next year.

Happy Rosh Hashanah Messages From Iran Ignite Twitter

Melissa Block speaks with foreign policy analyst, author and journalist Robin Wright about Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's Rosh Hashanah tweet, and how it's a signal of changes to come in the country.

Israelis Watch And Wait For U.S. Military Strike In Syria

President Obama's decision to delay military action against Syria caused consternation among Israeli officials, but also sparked an impassioned debate over whether a negotiated settlement could be had, and what's really best for Israel. All, of course, under the cloud of Iran. For ordinary people, Obama's decision slowed the rush on gas masks as people believe now they can have a quiet New Year holiday — and think about war again next week.