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What Are Russia's Motives In Syria Negotiations?

Robert Siegel talks to former Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott about Russia's plan for Syrian chemical weapons disarmament.

U.N. Study Finds High Rates Of Rape In Asian Countries

A new study finds extremely high rates of rape in six Asian and Pacific countries.

White House Shifts Syria Proposal From Strike To Weapons Surrender

President Obama is scheduled to address the nation on Tuesday night about the situation in Syria and the U.S. role in the face of a chemical attack. So far, he's made little headway persuading the American people and Congress that the U.S. needs to act.

Senate Waits On Possible Diplomatic Solution In Syria

The U.S. and its allies await details of Russia's proposal to place Syria's chemical weapons arsenal under UN supervision. Meanwhile, senior Obama administration officials are continuing to press for congressional approval of a potential military strike against the Bashar al-Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons in August.

Beijing To Crack Down On Social Media 'Slanderous Rumors'

A new interpretation of existing law would make writing a defamatory post that's read by more than 5,000 people or shared by more than 500 punishable by up to 10 years in jail.

In Argentina, A Winter Heat Wave Brings Record Highs

It's still officially wintertime in Buenos Aires, but the city is in a record heat wave. Tuesday's high was 34.4 degrees Celsius (94 degrees Fahrenheit), the hottest September temperature since 1940.

New Survey Gives U.S., U.K. Universities Top Rankings

MIT, Harvard and the U.K.'s University of Cambridge dominated the top of the QS World University Rankings for a third straight year.

New International Olympic Committee President Is Thomas Bach Of Germany

Bach replaces outgoing President Jacques Rogge, who served in the post for 12 years. He was chosen by secret ballot on the last day of IOC meetings in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Is The iPhone Losing Out In The Chinese Market?

Although many of its phones are made in China, Apple has struggled with sales in the world's largest smartphone market. A cheaper iPhone may attract more consumers — but it could also lose some of its cachet. The company also faces competition from Asian rivals who offer cheaper phones.

Timeline: The New Delhi Gang Rape Case

In a case that grabbed international attention, a 23-year-old Indian woman died last year after she was brutally raped aboard a moving bus in New Delhi.