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Innovation: A Portable Generator Charges Devices With Fire

The FlameStower can cook a pot of rice and charge a cellphone at the same time. This innovation has the potential to bring power to people in developing countries who have cellphones but not electricity.

Passenger Turboprop Crashes In Laos; All 49 On Board Feared Dead

The plane reportedly went into the Mekong River on approach to an airport in the southern city of Pakse.

Iran: More Nuclear Talks 'In A Few Weeks'

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, on his Facebook page, said Iran was planning a new round of dialogue with the West in Geneva.

What's News In The Rest Of The World

The headlines are from a cross section of news organizations around the globe. Wednesday's stories range from the expulsion of a family from France to a popular politician in Indonesia.

A Graduate Student's Odyssey From Gaza To Indianapolis

Fida'a Abuassi has finally made it to the U.S. for graduate school at the University of Indianapolis. She should have been here in August, but was stuck at home in the Gaza Strip, the tiny Palestinian enclave bordered by Israel and Egypt. Leaving Gaza is rarely easy. But since the military takeover in Egypt, it's become nearly impossible.

Protests In Italy Shut Down Funeral For Nazi War Criminal

Nazi sympathizers and anti-fascists clashed in Italy on Tuesday as a Catholic splinter group attempted to hold a funeral for Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke. The former SS captain oversaw one of the worst massacres in German-occupied Italy. Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the Nazi roundup of Roman Jews.

China Gives Mesaured Response To Possible U.S. Default

China is the biggest foreign holder of U.S. debt — totaling more than $1.3 trillion. Chinese media are using the American budget struggle as an implicit justification for China's system.

U.S. Default Would Have Adverse Effect On Europe's Recovery

The possibility of an American default on its debt is huge news across the continent. Europe is barely emerging from its own debt crisis. Europe's recovery rests on demand for its exports and the U.S. is by far the European Union's largest export market.

Are We Moving To A World With More Online Surveillance?

Revelations about the NSA's online surveillance have upset many countries, and some want to exercise greater control over the Internet. But experts say the likely result would be greater surveillance worldwide.

Shutdown Diary: Hope Turns Into Wall Street Warning

Day 15 of the government shutdown had a promising beginning, marked by a bipartisan proposal from Senate leaders to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. But those hopes were quickly dashed.