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What Does The Rise Of Super-Fortunes Mean For The Rest Of Us?

Author and politician Chrystia Freeland says economic inequality is growing by leaps and bounds. She charts the rise of today's billionaire plutocrats and wonders what the concentration of wealth means for the rest of us.

Headlines From Around The World

The stories are from a cross section of newspapers around the world. Friday's stories range from a political scandal in Spain to a reunited family in India.

Saudis Reject Security Council Seat, Citing 'Double Standards'

In apparent anger over the handling of Syria, the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh turned down the rotating seat until unspecified reforms in the "method and work mechanism" on the Council are undertaken.

Apple Hires Burberry CEO To Improve Customer Experience

Earlier this week, it was announced that Apple hired Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts to revive its network of Apple stores. Those stores used to provide unique, highly efficient customer service but are struggling now because of competition from other computer stores that have adopted Apple's retail business model.

Nigerian Civilians Caught In Crackdown On Islamists

Amnesty International says more than 950 people have died in military detention in Nigeria, as the government fights an Islamist insurgency. Civilians are increasingly becoming targets of the Islamists — and many local people say they are more frightened of government soldiers than the insurgents.

Wilted Reputations Left By Shutdown And Default Threat

There was a sense of relief Thursday as the U.S. government went back to work and once again skipped past default. But around the world, many investors wonder whether the U.S. is going to be in fiscal crisis mode for some time to come, and how the country's currency and creditworthiness will be viewed by others.

Report Estimates 30 Million People In Slavery Worldwide

Audie Cornish talks to Kevin Bales, a professor of contemporary slavery at the University of Hull and lead author of the 2013 Global Slavery Index. The first-time report by the Walk Free Foundation estimates that there are nearly 30 million people in slavery across the globe.

Did Turkey Sell Out Israeli Agents To Iran?

Once, Israel and Turkey were covert allies but ties between the two countries have been shaky for a few years now. And Washington Post columnist David Ignatius reported Thursday on a new twist in the complex relationship. Ignatius joins Robert Siegel to talk about the latest developments.

India, China Top List Of Nations With Most Slaves

But the country with the highest prevalence of modern-day slavery is Mauritania. That's according to a report released Thursday by the Walk Free Foundation, an anti-slavery group. The numbers are in line with previous estimates from the U.N. and the State Department.

Man Survives Botched Hanging; Iran Vows To Try Again

The family of the convicted drug smuggler found him still breathing in a morgue after he was hanged last week.