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Businessman Retaliates Against Ice Cream Truck Driver

A Swedish newspaper reports that a prominent businessman, Percy Nilsson who owns a hockey team, confessed to drilling holes in the tires of an ice cream truck. Nilsson said he was infuriated by the teenage driver blowing the horn. The driver admits to blowing the horn almost 100 times per hour.

What The World's Newspapers Are Saying

The headlines are from a cross section of newspapers around the world. Thursday's stories range from Chile's bid for a seat on the U.N. Security Council to hope in the aftermath of a deadly earthquake in the Philippines.

Who Was First To Enjoy Frog Legs? France Or England?

Frog legs are famous for being a French delicacy. But an archaeological dig in southwest England indicates the delicacy was actually enjoyed by the English first — 8,000 years before they appeared in France. This will be a contentious claim, given the long standing rivalry between those countries.

Kerry Says He Hopes Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Shipped Out Of Region

Weapons inspectors are still in Syria assessing the country's stockpile and how to destroy it. It's unclear where the weapons would go if they were sent abroad, but there are signs that such a move is under consideration.

Fuel Efficiency Standards Live On After 1973 Oil Embargo

This is the 40th anniversary of the Arab Oil Embargo, which triggered a seven-year energy crisis. The results of the energy crisis are still with us — both in the political fault-lines in Washington and in the cars that are on our roads.

Experts Debate How Best To Remove Syria's Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry says he's hoping Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles can be consolidated quickly and shipped out of the country. Experts say it is possible, but risky. International chemical weapons experts are still mapping out Syria's stockpiles to see what can be moved.

Financial Markets React Positively To U.S. Debt Deal

Congress has approved an 11th-hour measure to end a partial government shutdown and pull the country back from the brink of a historic debt default. Now that a financial calamity has been avoided, how did overseas markets react?

Grandma Exodus: German Seniors Look To Poland For Care

A recent U.N. study rated Germany high in quality of life for seniors. Even so many Germans spend their final days in Eastern European countries like Poland where elder care is less expensive. The practice has some asking whether it's wrong to send loved ones far away to save money.

No Deal, But Progress, As Iran Nuclear Talks Wrap Up

Talks on Iran's suspect nuclear program wrapped up Wednesday. No breakthroughs came from the talks, but diplomats cite progress toward a solution of this long-running crisis.

Tech Startups Face All The Usual Challenges And More In Gaza

Building an IT startup in the Gaza Strip isn't simple: Electricity is sporadic, there's no mobile 3G and even if you can sell your app outside Gaza's tightly controlled borders, it's difficult to get paid. Still, IT has some advantages in Gaza, and the possibilities have fostered a crop of devout entrepreneurs. At a first-of-its kind session to win seed money this week, Gazan entrepreneurs pitched, among other things, an app that uses music to help colorblind people dress well, a sports social network and 3-D printing for the masses.