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Unemployment: Arab Spring Not Springing Back

Many people saw the Arab Spring as a sign of hope for youth in the area. But unemployment numbers there reflect the opposite. Host Michel Martin speaks with The Wall Street Journal economics reporter Sudeep Reddy and Shadi Hamid, director of research at the Brookings Doha Center, about the economic realities of the post-Arab Spring world.

Blitz The Ambassador: Fighting Against Invisibility

Blitz the Ambassador grew up listening to Public Enemy in Ghana. Now he's bringing an African flavor to American hip-hop. He speaks to host Michel Martin about what his latest release, The Warm Up, says about the U.S. immigrant experience.

Who Are The Syrian Rebels?

Researchers argue that through social media and on-the-ground research, a detailed portrait of the Syrian rebels has emerged. This goes against the conventional wisdom, which holds that little is known about the rebel factions.

Talk Turns To Getting Assad To Give Up His Chemical Weapons

Russia's foreign minister says he has told his Syrian counterpart that one way to head off a U.S. strike could be to hand over control of those weapons to international watchdogs. The Assad regime has reportedly welcomed the suggestion. The White House says any turnover has to be verifiable.

Found At Sea: 30 Tons Of Hashish, On Fire

Crew members set the fire to get rid of their cargo, according to officials in Italy and Malta. Authorities had approached the Gold Star, a Tanzania-registered ship, for an inspection Friday afternoon.

Downing St. Denies 'Dozy' David Cameron Left Secrets Unguarded

The prime minister took a train from London to York on Saturday, and a passenger says Cameron left his "red box" unattended for a time. It's one of the traditional briefcases that British officials use to carry papers. Cameron's office, though, says security personnel were always near.
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NSA Surveillance And The Legacy Of 9/11

Kojo examines new revelations about NSA surveillance and explores the tension between national security and personal privacy.


'New' Van Gogh Painting Identified; Was In A Norwegian Attic

Sunset at Montmajour was painted in 1888. Because it was unsigned, researchers had doubted its authenticity. But now, thanks to closer examinations of the canvas, brush strokes and letters that Van Gogh wrote, experts are convinced it's the real thing.

Strike On Syria: Meaningless Gesture Or Necessary Response?

If the U.S. does not take action, Syrian President Bashar Assad will use chemical weapons "again and again," U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power says. But Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., sees "no direct security threat" to the U.S. or its allies. The debate is building to votes in Congress.

Humanitarian Aid Agencies Brace For Fallout From Syrian Strikes

Millions of Syrians have poured into refugee camps, where food, water and health services are scarce. As the U.S. prepares for possible military action, aid agencies are preparing for thousands more people to flee and worsen the humanitarian crisis.