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Obama's Foreign Policy: The Way Forward With Iran

As President Obama prepares for a second term, a host of international challenges await. In a piece in the Washington Post, former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski suggests that as Obama prioritizes his foreign policy goals, "It is essential that the issue of war or peace with Iran be fully vented."

Reports: French Troops Fighting In Mali, Foreign Hostages Grabbed In Algeria

After five days of airstrikes aimed at Islamist militants, French troops are engaged in their first ground operation in Mali, according to several news outlets. The rebels, who had vowed to retaliate, may have done so by grabbing hostages at an oil field in neighboring Algeria.
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Air Pollution In China

Air pollution across China is forcing authorities to cancel flights, close highways and suspend work at some factories. Guest host Tom Gjelten of NPR and his guests explore the cost of growth in China.


Fireball, Panic As Helicopter Crashes In London

Flying through mist, the helicopter hit a crane and came crashing to the ground. At least two people, including the pilot, are said to be dead. Several others were injured.

Japan Grounds All Boeing Dreamliners

The move came just hours after an All Nippon Airlines 787 was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot detected an apparent problem with the planes electrical system.

Mexico Wants U.S. To See Its Prosperity Not Violence

As President Obama prepares to start another term next week, Morning Edition has asked NPR's international correspondents to gauge worldwide expectations for the president's next four years. We begin in Mexico, where Mexicans hope to change the conversation between the two countries from drugs and violence to economics and prosperity.