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Rep. Smith On Syria: What Is The Limitation Of U.S. Power?

Steve Inskeep talks to Rep. Adam Smith of Washington, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, about the U.S. role in Syria. Smith, who recently visited Syrian refugees in Jordan, is urging the administration to step up aid to moderate opposition forces, but he has reservations about U.S. military action.

Verizon Buys Out Vodafone To Acquire Wireless Company

Verizon has agreed to buy out Vodafone's 45 percent stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion. That will give Verizon total control of the largest U.S. cell phone service provider.

Pena Nieto Encourages Mexicans To Embrace Change

President Enrique Pena Nieto gave an upbeat assessment of his nine-month-old administration on Monday in his first State of the Union address. Despite his positive review of Mexico's condition, the new president is dealing with chaotic teacher protests in the capital, intractable levels of violence and a less favorable economic outlook than predicted.

Syria's Bashar Assad: Show Me The Evidence

The Syrian presidents insists that the United States and other have not been able to back their claims that Syrian government forces used chemical weapons in an Aug. 21 attack. His remarks come as President Obama lobbies two key senators regarding his plan to use military force against Syria.

Tlacoyos: A Mexican Grilled Snack That Tempted The Conquistadors

Tlacoyos are a doughy corn tortilla of sorts that's cooked on a grill. Whether enjoyed on a plastic plate as street food or fine china in a high-end restaurant, it's been a favorite snack for centuries.

Regional Leaders Confused By U.S. Delay On Syria Strike

Syria's state-run media depict President Obama as weak and indecisive after his decision to wait for a congressional vote on the use of force. Turkey's prime minister says his country will be part of any international coalition. The Saudi foreign minister called for more action against Syria.

U.S. Delay On Strikes Prolongs Tension For Syrians

President Obama announced over the weekend that he will seek authorization from Congress for strikes against Syria over its reported use of chemical weapons. For an update on the situation in Syria, Steve Inskeep talks to Sam Dagher, the Middle East correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, in Damascus.

Paris Has Been A Haven For African Americans Escaping Racism

The City Of Lights became known as a beacon of freedom and tolerance for African Americans. Paris is rich in black history — especially from black Americans who have flocked there since the 19th century.

Syria Resolution Could Be A Hard Sell On Capitol Hill

A day after President Obama announced he'll wait for congressional authorization before launching strikes on Syria; members of Congress attended a classified briefing at the Capitol. Even though there's still one week left of summer recess, dozens of lawmakers flew to Washington, D.C. from their home districts just for the meeting.

Ecuador To World: Pay Up To Save The Rainforest. World To Ecuador: Meh.

Oil sits under a pristine swath of the rainforest. Ecuador promised to leave the forest untouched — if the rest of the world would pay up.