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Flooding Forces 100,000 From Their Homes In Calgary, Canada

In some smaller Canadian communities, the damage is breathtaking. One video shows an entire home being dragged by a swollen river. More rain is expected today in the region.

Can Iran's New President Resolve Nuclear Program Dispute?

Many are wondering whether Iran's newly elected president Hassan Rowhani will be able to change his nation's posture on nuclear enrichment and convince the West to end crippling economic sanctions. To find out, Steve Inskeep talks to Gary Samore, a former White House coordinator for arms control and weapons of mass destruction.

China's Credit Crunch Felt Across Financial Markets

The lending rate between Chinese banks spiked dramatically on Thursday, creating a credit crunch. Renee Montagne talks to NPR Shanghai correspondent Frank Langfitt about the turbulence in China's banking system, and how authorities in Beijing are responding.

2 Syrian Rebels Share Their Stories

U.S. and European officials meet on Saturday to decide how to increase their aid to the rebels in Syria. The U.S. is deepening its involvement in Syria's Civil War. Steve Inskeep, who recently was in Syria reporting for Morning Edition, has the story of two rebels.

Protests In Brazil Gain Steam, Violence Increases

Hundreds of thousands of Brazilians turned out in cities across the country in mass demonstrations Thursday night. Despite government pledges to reverse fare hikes for subway and bus rides, public anger is only rising.

Soccer: Tahiti Loses, 10-0, And Keeps Celebrating In Brazil

Thursday's game against Spain was played in a stadium holding a crowd reported at 71,000 people — equal to a bit more than a quarter of the total population of Tahiti. The Pacific players have already met a goal, scoring against Nigeria.

U.S. Army To Scrap $7 Billion In Equipment In Afghanistan

Military planners for the U.S. Army have decided not to ship back more than $7 billion of equipment — about 20 percent of what the Army brought into Afghanistan. Much of the equipment is being dismantled and sold to the scrap market there — one of the largest military retrogrades in history.
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Obama Travels To Africa

As President Barack Obama travels to Africa, we explore issues on the agenda, including counter-terrorism, human rights and economic development.

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Upheaval In Brazil

As protests continue in Brazil over government corruption and crumbling infrastructure, Kojo and guests explore how grievances about high bus fares and expensive soccer stadiums sparked discontent in the rising global power.


Protests Spread Across Brazil And Take On New Life

The protests that have erupted in Brazil are rooted in vast economic and social inequalities in the South American nation.