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Priceless Italian Treasure Is Shown Off In Rare Exhibition

For the first time, 70 pieces of the Treasure of San Gennaro — said to be more valuable than the British crown jewels — have been transported from a vault in Naples to a museum in Rome. The collection highlights historic gifts from European leaders, including Napoleon.

WATCH: Boy Upstages Pope's Speech

The youngster runs up onstage and clings to Pope Francis during a speech by the pontiff at St. Peter's Square.

Pakistan Says Drones Killed Far Fewer Civilians Than Thought

Human rights groups and Pakistani officials have condemned the number of civilian casualties in such attacks, but the country's defense ministry says just 3 percent are civilians.

Report: NSA Has Broken Into Google And Yahoo Data Centers

Documents obtained from NSA leaker Edward Snowden and interviews with knowledgeable officials reveal the program, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Armies Can't Find Joseph Kony. Can Crowdfunding?

Adventurer Robert Young Pelton is trying to raise money to track down Kony, the notorious warlord from Uganda. Pelton thinks he can succeed even though several militaries, including U.S. Special Forces, haven't been able to locate him.

Someone In Central China Really Stinks At Photoshop

A photo posted on a local Chinese government website purports to portray officials visiting a 100-year-old woman. But the men appear to be about 20 feet tall — and one of the officials has no legs.

World Headlines: China Calls Tiananmen Attack Terrorism

Also, stories on the resignation of the head of Israel's Teva Pharmaceuticals and an Argentine Supreme Court ruling that clears the way for the breakup of large media firms.

Mexican Border Factories Worry About Losing Tax Break

Mexico's Senate is set to pass a whole host of new taxes to boost the country's anemic tax collection. Among the many new taxes is one that will raise what maquiladoras pay for imported goods to the rate the rest of the country pays. Border communities are worried that losing their coveted tax break will lead to a flood of foreign companies leaving the region.

How NATO Is Trying To Change The Narrative In Afghanistan

The International Security Assistance Force is engaged in an aggressive media campaign to show Afghans their army and police are capable of providing security, and that the international community will continue to provide economic and military support. But the U.S.-NATO-led mission is doing more than "messaging" the Afghan public, it's also trying to reach audiences back home.

Families Of Drone Strike Victims Tell Their Stories

Human rights groups reported recently on U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan that have killed civilians. On Wednesday, family members of victims of those strikes meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.