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#LATISM: Digital Media's Pull For Latinos

Reports show that Latinos are plugged into social media, but does this mean they are turning from traditional media? Host Michel Martin speaks with Viviana Hurtado, founder of The Wise Latina Club, and entrepreneur Fernando Espuelas about how social media is helping to empower Latinos.

How Can Latinos Get More Political Power?

Host Michel Martin kicks off a special broadcast in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, by looking at some of the biggest political stories - in particular those resonating with Latinos. Martin is joined by Democratic strategist Maria Cardona and syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette.

Why Is The Global Shipbuilding Business Struggling?

One word: oversupply. Too many ships were built before the 2008 global economic crisis. This drove down shipping rates, forcing the industry to scale back. The effects are still being felt. This week, a Finnish shipbuilder said it would close a yard that employed 700 workers.

WATCH: Time-Lapse Video Of The Costa Concordia Being Righted

See the 19-hour operation condensed into about 60 seconds. The cruise ship, which went aground off Tuscany in January 2012, has been shifted into a vertical position.

Why The U.S. Needs Bashar Assad To Stay For Now

President Obama has called many times for the ouster of the Syrian president. But now Bashar Assad is seen as necessary to oversee the destruction of the country's chemical weapons supply. One analyst sums up the U.S. policy as, "We want him to go, but not right now."

Probing Ties Between Mexican Cartel And Chicago's Violence

John Lippert, an investigative reporter for Bloomberg Markets magazine, traced the violence in Chicago back to Mexico. Lippert talks to Steve Inskeep about the impact of the Sinaloa drug cartel's dominance over the drug trade in Chicago and the Midwest.

U.N. Report Doesn't Assign Blame To Syrian Chemical Attack

U.N. weapons inspectors have issued their report on last month's chemical weapons attack in Syria. Anthony Cordesman, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, tells Steve Inskeep that the report bolsters U.S. and European charges that the Assad regime deployed the sarin gas.

JPMorgan To Get Whale Of A Fine For Trading Losses

The fine is reportedly said to be at least $700 million for what authorities say were massive derivative bets made without adequate risk controls in place. The case became known as the "London Whale" owing to the size of the trades made.

Kitchen Time Machine: A Culinary Romp Through Soviet History

Author Anya Von Bremzen's new memoir, Mastering The Art of Soviet Cooking, is a tragic-comic history of a family and a nation as seen through the kitchen window. Everything we ate in the Soviet Union was grown ... by the party state," she says. "So, with the food, inevitably, you ingested the ideology."

Japan's Rice Farmers See Trade Deal As Threat To Tradition

Each summer, the rice farmers of Narita, Japan, gather to pray for bountiful harvests with dancing, music and elaborate festival carts. This year, some farmers feel their way of life is under threat from a major trade agreement.