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A Teenage Music Phenom, Infographics, Motorcycles In Vietnam

Ozy co-founder Carlos Watson tells NPR's Arun Rath about a teenage singer with a grown-up voice, two tutors turned bloggers, and Vietnam's Harley Davidson craze.

Egyptian Court Dismisses Breach Of Trust Lawsuit Against ElBaradei

Mohammed ElBaradei, the former head of the UN nuclear agency, had been accused of betraying the national trust of Egypt. He resigned as Egypt's interim vice president this summer, after a crackdown on backers of Mohammed Morsi.

U.S. Spying Update: Europe Fumes And Protesters Rally In D.C.

Members of the European Parliament will be in Washington on Monday to discuss reports that the NSA used U.S. officials' Rolodexes to create lists of phone numbers to monitor. Intelligence officials will make a separate visit from Germany, whose Chancellor Angela Merkel was reportedly a surveillance target.

Iran Hangs 16 Prisoners In Reported Retaliation For Border Attack

State-affiliated media report that 16 "rebels" were hanged in reaction to the killing of 14 Iranian border guards. The incident took place in a restive border region near Pakistan.

Saudi Women Get Behind Wheel For 'Drive-In' Protest

"I went to the grocery store," one Saudi woman who drove Saturday says. Her act defies a ban on Saudi female drivers; women took to the streets Saturday as part of a push to allow women to get driver's licenses.

How A Portland Cook Became A 'Proud Copycat' Of Thai Food

Andy Ricker spent years eating in roadside restaurants, noodle stands and home kitchens across Thailand before opening his first restaurant, Pok Pok, in Portland, Ore. But he avoids using words like "traditional" and "authentic" when talking about this food. He'd rather call it "accurate."

A Quiet U.S.-Saudi Spat Spills Into The Open

In an unusual display of anger at the U.S., Saudi Arabian officials have sharply criticized the Obama administration's policies in the Middle East, saying Washington has not done enough to support Syria's rebels or bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Host Scott Simon speaks to NPR's Deborah Amos.

Fish Sauce: An Ancient Roman Condiment Rises Again

We usually associate fish sauce with Southeast Asian cooking. But it turns out the briny condiment also has deep roots in Europe, dating back to the Roman Empire. What caused its decline? Historians say it boils down to taxes, and pirates.

'Little Maria' A Symbol Of The Many Missing Kids In Europe

The estimated 250,000 children that go missing each year range from teenage runaways escaping abuse at home to kids who have fled war-torn countries such as Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, An Uncertain Role For U.S. After 2014

The United States is little more than a year away from ending its combat mission in Afghanistan, yet much is still uncertain about the U.S. role in that country. Next month, Afghan tribal leaders plan a vote that could define the non-combat missions of U.S. troops beyond the year 2014. Meantime, there are questions about the course of the war once U.S. troop levels drop.