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India Nabs Top Terrorism Suspect

Yasin Bhatkal, a co-founder of the Indian Mujahideen, has been arrested in what authorities have described as a major blow to Islamic terrorism in the region.

Have Your Picture Taken With Hong Kong's (Smog-Free) Skyline

The Chinese city is trying something new to placate tourists disappointed by the curtain of smog that now envelops the classic skyline.
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Friday News Roundup - International

A panel of journalists joins guest host Steve Roberts for our Friday News Roundup of the week's top international stories, including: Syrian President Bashar Assad's reaction to the threat of Western action, rising militancy in Egypt's Sinai and U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's meeting with Asian leaders over South China Sea tensions.


Israeli Soldiers Go 'Gangnam Style' With Palestinians; Incur Wrath

A group of Israeli soldiers who diverted their patrol into a dancehall earlier this week are facing their bosses' displeasure, after video captured the men — armed, wearing helmets and other gear — dancing with dozens of Palestinians in a club in Hebron. They were drawn into the building by hearing the dance hit "Gangnam Style."

Assad Is To Blame For Chemical Weapons Attack, British Say

Echoing previous comments by the Obama administration, British intelligence officials have now also said there's no other logical conclusion. Read their report.

Obama Hasn't Made Case For Striking Syria, Rumsfeld Says

The former defense secretary, who led the Pentagon when the U.S. went to war with Iraq, is critical of how the current administration is handling the run-up to what are expected to be military strikes on targets in Syria.

British Prime Minister's Call For Action In Syria Stalls

In London, Prime Minister David Cameron had planned to get backing from Parliament Thursday – approving a possible military intervention. Instead, he's been forced to back down. The Labour Party announced it would vote against military action in Syria.

Obama 'Concluded' Syrian Regime Conducted Chemical Attack

President Obama says, though he has not decided whether to take military action against Syria, he is convinced the government used chemical weapons against the Syrian people. He is consulting with U.S. allies over whether to launch a limited strike. Meanwhile, Congress will be briefed on the situation Thursday.

In Colombia, Starbucks To Take On Juan Valdez

Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks has announced it's going to expand to Colombia — a country known for its Arabica beans and for the mythical coffee farmer Juan Valdez. He's helped sell Colombia's coffee for 50 years.

Move Over, Pot Stickers: China Cooks Up Hundreds Of Dumplings

Dumplings are a huge part of Chinese culinary tradition, and restaurants there cater to the nation's obsession with a dazzlingly array of dumpling shapes and fillings, including green frogs stuffed with bullfrog meat and a flock of birds filled with roasted Beijing duck.