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Campaign For Moscow Mayor Could Change City's Politics

Moscow is in the final days of a campaign for Sunday's mayoral election. The outcome isn't in doubt. The winner will be the Kremlin-backed incumbent Sergei Sobyanin. But his main challenger is running a Western-style campaign. Some say that campaign could change the way politics are played in Russia's biggest city.

Arab World Debates How U.S. Should Respond To Syria

Professor Shibley Telhami is a Middle East expert and author of The World Through Arab Eyes: Public Opinion and the Reshaping of the Arab World. He discusses with Renee Montagne how the Arab media and people are reacting to the U.S. debate over whether to intervene in Syria.

A Farm-To-Table Delicacy From Spain: Roasted Baby Pig

Cochinillo asado has appeared in literature throughout history, from Cervantes to Hemingway. The prized piglets featured in the dish are slaughtered after about a month, when they still weigh less than 10 pounds.

Syria Strike Will Have A Harder Time Getting House Approval

On Wednesday, the John Kerry and Chuck Hagel road show moved on to the House Foreign Affairs Committee as the administration tries to build support for an air attack on Syria President Bashar al-Assad's military assets. But there is uneasiness among some House members who wonder how and why Speaker John Boehner was so quickly won over.

Congressman And War Vet Argues Against Syria Strike

Melissa Block talks with Rep. Chris Gibson about his opposition to the President's call for military intervention in Syria. The Republican represents New York's 19th district, which includes the Catskills and Hudson Valley. He's also a retired Army colonel and combat veteran. On Facebook, he said he believes intervention would make the situation in Syria worse and make the U.S. responsible for the conflict.

Senate Committee Votes To Authorize Strikes On Syria

Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee spent Wednesday scrambling to find language authorizing military strikes on Syria that was acceptable to both those wanting a stronger response and those hoping to limit U.S. involvement.

Obama Tries To Build International Support For Syria Strike

The crisis in Syria dominated President Obama's visit to Sweden on Wednesday, as he continued to push for Congressional approval of his plan to launch a military strike against Syrian government forces, in response to their use of chemical weapons against their own people.. "My credibility is not on the line. The international community's credibility is on the line," Obama told a news conference in Stockholm. "And America and Congress' credibility is on the line." The President travels to the G-20 meeting in St. Petersburg on Thursday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has opposed the tentative plans for U.S. attack.

Assad Denies Chemical Weapons Use In 'Figaro' Interview

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad gave a rare interview to a western news outlet this week. He told the French newspaper Le Figaro that the U.S. and France have yet to "put forward a single proof" that his regime was behind the chemical weapons attack outside the Syrian capital. Melissa Block talks with Georges Malbrunot, Middle East reporter for Le Figaro, who conducted the interview in Damascus.

As Pentagon Adds Bombing Options, Kerry Warns Assad

Administration officials continue to push for Congressional support of strikes on Syria. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is adding to the number of targets inside Syria that could be struck. They include warplanes, attack helicopters and missile sites. If they're destroyed, Assad's regime could be weakened.

'We Are Next': Greek Jews Fear Rise Of Far-Right Party

Jews have lived in Greece since the time of Alexander the Great; the overwhelming majority of the community died during the Nazi occupation. Now, 70 years later, the community — and Greece — is confronting the rise of the Golden Dawn Party, a group that espouses neo-Nazi ideology.