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Syrian Conflict May Be At A Turning Point

Are we seeing the endgame to the conflict in Syria? Melissa Block talks with Andrew Tabler, a senior fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy and author of the book, In the Lion's Den: An Eyewitness Account of Washington's Battle with Syria. We ask Tabler about what the collapse of the Bashar Assad regime might look like and the possibility that government forces could use chemical weapons.

Israel, Christians Negotiate The Price Of Holy Water

High-level diplomacy helped avert a disaster last month, in a dispute over the unpaid water bill of one of Christendom's holiest sites. The water company that supplies the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem said it owed $2.3 million. Eventually, the bill was waived — but the church now promises to pay going forward.

Activists Tell Damascus Residents To Prepare For The 'Zero Hour'

The persistent fighting near Damascus has created a growing sense that there could soon be a major battle for the capital. Activists have made a video telling Damascus residents how to prepare.

Chemical Weapons And The Syrian Civil War

After intelligence officials reported activity at Syrian chemical weapons sites, the U.S. warned Syrian President Bashar Assad he'd face "consequences" if Syria uses such weapons. Many questions remain about what chemical weapons Syria has and how they could use them.

VIDEO: No Stupid Pet Trick; In New Zealand, Some Dogs Learn To Drive

Hoping to convince animal lovers that rescue dogs are as smart as any other pets, New Zealand's SPCA has been teaching three canines to do a bit of driving. See the video evidence.

Why Drinking Tea Was Once Considered A Dangerous Habit

Reformers of the 19th century warned that taking a tea break would steer Irish peasant women to thoughts of revolution. The warnings largely went unheeded. Still, it gives us pause to think about our modern-day food obsessions and how they might look to others in the future.

China's Communists Declare War ... On Boring Meetings

If the new Communist Party leadership in China has its way, the country will be saying zaijian to droning speeches and over-the-top red carpet receptions. These are the first concrete signs of change since China's new party leader, Xi Jinping, took power last month.

Egads! Aussie DJ Pretends To Be Queen, Gets Hospital To Talk About Kate

A nurse who certainly didn't seem suspicious rather cheerfully told the faux queen (and a fake Prince Charles) that the pregnant duchess is doing better. Kate is being treated for severe morning sickness. The hospital is apologizing for sharing the information.