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The Latest On The Syrian Crisis

A panel joins guest host Susan Page to discuss the U.S. and international response to reports of chemical weapons use in Syria.


Limited U.S. Strikes ... Followed By Major Attacks On U.S.

When U.S. presidents opt for limited military action, the aim is to prevent drawing the U.S. into a larger conflict. But on several occasions in recent decades, such strikes have been followed by devastating attacks against U.S. targets.
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Syria Intervention Politics: A View From The UK

In the aftermath of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, President Barack Obama appears to be weighing the options for a U.S. response. For two years, the White House and Congress have signaled a deep ambivalence about intervening in the conflict, while leaders in Britain and France have favored a more aggressive diplomatic and military posture.


Who Are Syria's Friends And Why Are They Supporting Assad?

Russia, China and Iran are Syrian President Bashar Assad's closest allies. The reasons for their support of his government vary, ranging from trade and strategy to a fear of instability if Assad is toppled.
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Debate Over A Possible US-Led Attack On Syria

The Obama administration and its allies prepare for a possible military strike on Syria. Debate over justification, objectives and the risks of unintended consequences.


Click Here For 'The New York Times' While It's Being Hacked

The Times appears to be the target of another hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad group. But the news organization has created an alternate site where its stories can be seen.

Britain To Seek U.N. OK For Military Action Against Syria

The Security Council will be asked to approve the use of "necessary measures to protect civilians." The language is aimed at getting the council's OK for strikes on regime targets in Syria. The U.S., U.K. and others want to send Assad a message: That using chemical weapons is unacceptable.

Proposed Strikes Against Syria May Have Too Narrow A Purpose

The Obama administration says any military action in Syria would not be intended to bring the war to an end, to overthrow Bashar Assad or even help the opposition. Officials say the goal would be to show the Assad regime that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

U.S. Insists It's Committed To Diplomacy In Syrian Conflict

The U.S. says it is still committed to working with Russia to bring together the warring factions in Syria for a peace conference. Washington, however, postponed a planning meeting as it weighs military options to respond to an alleged chemical weapons attack. Russia says a U.S. strike will only create more problems, and that rebels will have no incentive to negotiate with the Syrian government.

U.S. Action Against Syria Would Further Inflame Middle East

Former British diplomat and intelligence officer Alastair Crooke warns a U.S. strike on Syria could set off an unpredictable escalation in violence. David Greene talks to Crooke, who now runs Conflict Forum, a nonprofit organization which wants to increase western understanding of Islam.