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Dozens Dead, More Feared Lost, After Shipwreck Off Sicily

A ship packed with African migrants trying to reach Italy apparently caught fire before sinking. It's thought there were about 500 people on board. The vessel had set off from Libya, authorities say.

Fashion Designer Mark Jacobs To Leave Louis Vuitton

After 16 years at Louis Vuitton, Mark Jacobs is expected to focus on an eventual IPO for his own brand, which could come within three years. Investors are interested, partly because the designer Michael Kors had a public offering in 2011, and since then shares have tripled in value.

Even With Peace, It's Hard To Be A Liberian Entrepreneur

Ten years of peace in Liberia has created opportunities for education and entrepreneurs. But challenges remain, including no electricity, widespread corruption and weak infrastructure. Twenty-four-year-old Pandora Hodge is a budding restaurateur and art theater owner trying to make it in Liberia.

Israel Eases Restriction On Building Materials To Gaza Strip

The Egyptian military operation to destroy most of the tunnels used to smuggle goods into neighboring Gaza has led to a shortage of cheap fuel and building materials. It also has led to more sewage flowing into the sea. Change is afoot, however, for the first time in six years.

Russia Charges Greenpeace Activists With Piracy

As threatened, Russia has lodged piracy charges against four environmental activists and a freelance British videographer for their parts in a Sept. 18 protest at an offshore oil rig in the Russian Arctic. Those charged were among 30 people who were detained aboard the Greenpeace vessel "Arctic Sunrise" after two activists tried to climb aboard the rig.

A Month In Mamelodi: 'Slum Tourism?'

South Africans Julian and Ena Hewitt made headlines when they swapped their comfortable home for a shack in the townships. They speak to host Michel Martin about what they call a lesson in empathy.

How Important Is Health Care Act To Latinas?

Ethnic Haitians living in the Dominican Republic are lashing out at the government's decision to strip them of Dominican citizenship. They say it's just another example of the ugly racial tension on the island shared by the two nations. Host Michel Martin speaks with Maria Cardona, Alicia Anabel Santos and Laura Martinez about this week's hot topics in the beauty shop.

Wednesday Morning Political Mix

The shutdown and debt-ceiling fights appear to be merging... the hardline conservatives driving the House GOP leadership believe they are winning... It's Colorado Springs, not the Washington, DC area, with the largest percentage of its workforce receiving federal paychecks.

'Castrocare' Divides Doctors In Cuba, Brazil

Cuba has been sending doctors abroad for decades to work throughout Latin America and as far away as Africa. So it's not surprising Brazil turned to Cuba when it wanted to import thousands of badly needed doctors. But Brazil's medical establishment objects and wants to block the program.

After School Attack, Nigeria's President Calls For Unity

Nigeria's president is urging his countrymen to overcome their religious and ethnic divisions to avoid the fate of Syria. His comments followed a massacre at a school over the weekend that the government blames on a militant Islamic group. Renee Montagne talks to Tomi Oladipo, of the BBC, about the threat the group poses to Nigerian society.