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Did Kenyan Soldiers Loot Mall During Fight With Terrorists?

The allegations have shaken people in Nairobi, who just a week ago were hailing the soldiers as heroes after Islamic militants stormed an upscale mall and killed dozens. President Uhuru Kenyatta has vowed to set up a commission to look into lapses in intelligence and security, and to investigate the accusations.

World Immigration Called 'Win-Win' For Rich Nations, And Poor

The number of people who leave their countries to work abroad is soaring, according to the United Nations, which is meeting on the subject this week. More than 200 million people now live and work outside their country of origin, up from 150 million a decade ago.

Netanyahu: Iranian President 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is urging the United Nations to keep up the pressure on Iran and not be fooled by the soothing talk of the new Iranian president — whom Netanyahu describes as a wolf in sheep's clothing. The Israeli leader says there must be pressure for diplomacy to work and he told the U.N. General Assembly that Israel will stand alone, if necessary, to keep Iran from developing a nuclear bomb.

One Nile Valley Town Is A Study Egypt's Tensions

Beni Suef is a microcosm of Egypt. The Nile Valley city south of Cairo is divided and everyone is on edge. Christians worry about attacks by Islamists. Muslim Brotherhood members are in hiding or at least keeping quiet as the military fills the streets. Charities that took money from the Brotherhood no longer acknowledge it, worried they'll be shut down and some companies owned by Brotherhood members are quickly selling to new investors to make sure they don't get raided or shut down.

For Middle-Aged Women, Stress May Raise Alzheimer's Risk

Stressful events in midlife, like the death of a spouse or loss of a job, increased the risk of dementia for women in old age, according to a Swedish study. The researchers couldn't say whether some women's habits, such as regular exercise, lowered the risk from stress.

These Folks Went Vegetarian Back When It Was Way Uncool

Today is World Vegetarian Day, but every day is reason to go meatless at Hiltl's, the world's oldest continually operating vegetarian restaurant. This pioneering place opened more than a century ago in meat-loving Zurich.

Don't Buy Rouhani's Charm Offensive, Israel's Netanyahu Tells U.N.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani is trying to use charm to ease international pressure without scaling back its nuclear efforts, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu says. "Rouhani thinks he can have his yellowcake and eat it too," Netanyahu told the U.N. General Assembly Tuesday.

When Islands Pop Out Of The Sea

When a powerful earthquake struck Pakistan last week, it triggered a mud volcano that created a new island just off the country's southern coast. It turns out this kind of thing happens every so often. Just ask Charles Darwin.

WATCH: Newborn White Lion Cubs In South Korea

The pair of rare lions were put on public display Tuesday for the first time by South Korea's Everland zoo.

1 In 8 Suffers From Chronic Hunger Globally, U.N. Report Says

The report found gains in fighting hunger and improving diets in several areas, including parts of East Asia, Southeastern Asia and Latin America.