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Russia Proposes Solution To Syria's Chemical Weapons

Russia seized on an idea voiced by Secretary of State John Kerry and urged Syria to put its chemical weapons under international control. Russia's state-run news agency said Syria welcomed the proposal.

Russia Calls On Syria To Give Up Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry says there is one thing Bashar al-Assad's government can do to avoid a punitive U.S. air strike — turn over Syria's chemical weapons stockpile to international control. Russia's foreign minister picked up on the idea, perhaps calling Kerry's bluff, and made the proposal to Syria's foreign minister who happens to be visiting Moscow. Lavrov says he expects a positive response and soon.

Loser In Moscow Mayoral Election The One That's Made News

As expected, the Kremlin-backed incumbent won Moscow's mayoral election, but the surprising thing was that he garnered barely enough votes to avoid a run-off election. The main opposition candidate, Alexei Navalny, walked away with at least 27 percent of the vote. His campaign strategists have said it would be a victory if he got more than 20 percent, because that would energize the opposition and show that Muscovites want a more democratic future.

Skateboarders Mobilize As Art Center Tries To Reclaim Cavern

Two centers of culture are in conflict on the banks of the Thames in London. One is the world renowned South Bank Center of the Arts, with four resident orchestras, including the London Philharmonic. It also has conservatories, the Royal Festival Hall, the Hayward Gallery and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The other cultural landmark is the Undercroft, a dark, concrete cavern, covered in graffiti, that lies beneath the Arts Center and looks out on to the Thames. It's the birthplace and temple of British skate boarding. For forty uninterrupted years it has been hallowed ground for those who regard skate boarding as an art form every bit as legitimate as anything performed in the concert halls above. But now the South Bank Arts Center is trying to force the skateboarders to a different location, so the Undercroft can be leased to restaurants. And the skate boarders are mobilizing to resist.

Pew: American Opposition To Air Strikes In Syria Is Rising

Robert Siegel talks with Michael Dimock, director of the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, about new poll numbers that show rising American opposition to U.S. airstrikes in Syria.

U.S. Mulls Over More Possible Targets For Syria Strike

The Pentagon has been focusing on the Syrian military's command-and-control sites, which remain the most likely focus of any U.S. strike. But military planners have begun to add new targets, such as mobile missile launchers, that could require more than cruise missiles — and make the mission more complicated.

Dennis Rodman Says He's Taking Former NBA Players To North Korea

The NBA hall of famer asked the world to take him and his basketball diplomacy seriously Rodman also hinted that he would interview the seclusive leader of North Korea.

In The Arab World, Unrest Is Coupled With Unemployment

Unemployment in some of the Arab Spring countries is among the highest in the world. But governments have their hands tied because any attempt at economic reform will likely hurt the poor.
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Al-Qaida In Africa And Implications For Security At Home

Shootings and a hostage crisis in Nairobi underscore the resilience of al-Qaida and its affiliates in Africa. Guest host Katty Kay and her guests discuss international terrorism and implications for security at home.

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House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte

As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) plays a key role in getting legislative action on efforts like immigration reform to the House floor.