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China Edges Out U.K. As World's Fifth-Largest Arms Supplier

While Beijing is still far behind the U.S. and Russia in arms sales, a new report shows that China is beginning to catch up — thanks to Pakistan.

After Helicopter Jail Break, Two Cons Recaptured In Canada

The chopper swooped down. Ropes were dropped to the ground. Two prisoners clambered up and got away. But within hours, Canadian authorities had tracked them down. Just like in the movies, the bad guys were brought to justice.

Napoleon's Ring To Josephine Up For Auction

When Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to Josephine, he gave her an engagement ring: a diamond and sapphire set side by side — both tear-shaped. Josephine shed many tears when her beloved divorced her, so he could produce an heir. Still, on his death bed, Napoleon's last word was: Josephine.

E.U. Bailout Tax Sparks Bank Run In Cyprus

Citizens of Cyprus did not react well to the news that their government wants to allow the E.U. to take nearly 10 percent of their savings deposits in exchange for a $13 billion bailout. Banks are closed through Tuesday after worries over bank runs. Depositors stood in long lines to withdraw money over the weekend.

Young, Exiled Syrians Still Believe In Revolution

This week marks two years since the uprising in Syria when thousands took to the streets to protest against the government. Back then they called it a revolution. But now, Syria looks a lot more like a civil war — with tens of thousands of people killed.

Grants To Rural Afghan Villages Pays off

One area of rural development where the Afghan government has had some success is the National Solidarity Program. Funded by international aid, it distributes small grants to rural villages. For more on its successes, Renee Montagne talks to Wais Ahmad Barmak, who heads the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry.

Afghanistan's Forests A Casualty Of Timber Smuggling

A few decades ago, trees covered an estimated 50 percent of Afghanistan. Now, an official says that figure is just 2 percent. The main reason is the illegal harvesting and trade of timber. A visit to Kunar province, near the Pakistan border, reveals that many people, from top officials down, are involved.

Cyprus President Tries To Calm Public After Anger Over Bailout Deal

President Nicos Anastassiades went on television to say he was working to amend parts of the bailout deal struck with negotiators from eurozone countries and the IMF. The deal would levy taxes on all bank deposits, the first time the eurozone has dipped into people's savings to pay for a bailout.