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Why A Thermometer Is A Good Tool For Airport Ebola Screenings

With ear probes, infrared cameras and laser beams pointed at passengers' foreheads, airports around the world are trying to stop infected travelers before they board a plane.
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The Lasting Legacy Of Woodrow Wilson, D.C.'s Hometown President

Woodrow Wilson may be overshadowed by other presidents of the past century -- but his influence can still be felt in U.S. foreign policy.


U.N. Report Details Possible War Crimes By Islamic State Militants

The High Commissioner for Human Rights says mass executions, forcing women and girls into sex slavery and the use of child soldiers may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Hong Kong Leader Says Government Will Meet With Demonstrators

Leung Chun-ying told reporters that he appointed his deputy to meet with student activists to discuss "constitutional development," but he renewed warnings about occupying government buildings.

China Searches Pigeons Used In Holiday Celebratons

The pigeons were released as part of National Day celebrations in Beijing. But in an atmosphere of political protest, authorities worried a pigeon might be used to carry something suspicious.

Netanyahu Defends Plan for Jewish Homes in East Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting the U.S. Steve Inskeep talks to the Israeli leader about new Jewish housing in East Jerusalem, the recent war in Gaza and other regional issues.

In Mideast Chaos, Netanyahu Sees Opportunity

In an interview with NPR, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Arab countries "no longer view Israel as an enemy but a potential partner."

Democratic Change Is Our Ultimate Goal, Hong Kong Protester Says

Students are leading the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Among them is Arika Ho, a journalism student at Hong Kong University.

Protesting Students Press For Hong Kong's Leader To Step Down

Pro-democracy protesters are threatening to occupy government offices unless Hong Kong's chief executive steps down. For days, thousands of demonstrators have been demanding freer elections.

U.S. Liberian Communities Face A New Set Of Worries

Liberians in the Dallas area have been joining together as their home country struggles with Ebola. A man in Dallas is the first Ebola case confirmed in the U.S. He had recently traveled to Liberia.