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Grim Search Resumes Off Sicily; It's Feared 300 Drowned

A small boat packed with about 500 people trying to get from Africa to Europe lost power, caught fire and then sank on Thursday. At least 155 people were rescued. The search continues, but rescuers hold out little hope for finding many more survivors.

Friday Morning Political Mix

President Obama's Asia trip became a shutdown casualty... the Republican establishment is unhappy with the Tea Party movement whose members probably couldn't care less... the shutdown is causing real damage to the private sector.

Skydive And Build A Website At The Same Time

Designers Chris Hirst and Leo Zhao are the first to do both at the same time — skydive and develop a website. The stunt was promoting their product Designbymobile. The message: we've made web designing so easy, you can do it anywhere.

White House Cancels Obama's Asia Trip, Citing Shutdown

President Obama's already shortened trip to Asia was canceled Thursday, the White House calling it a casualty of the government shutdown. The White House said Obama personally called the leaders of Indonesia and Brunei to deliver the news.

Supporters Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Tested By Arrests

The Golden Dawn Party, which holds seats in parliament, uses Nazi symbols and threatens people who don't agree with its brand of nationalism. Officials say it's a criminal gang: Party leaders have been arrested on charges including murder. But supporters say they're being persecuted for their beliefs.

Trade Dispute With Mexico Over 'Dolphin-Safe' Tuna Heats Up

The fight over Mexican tuna, and whether it is truly fished using dolphin safe practices, rages on. Mexico recently won a two decade long fight to get its tuna labeled dolphin safe. The WTO this month ruled in its favor. But the U.S. still refuses to allow Mexican tuna with a dolphin safe label on store shelves. Mexico says it's had enough and is preparing to retaliate with trade sanctions on U.S. imports. Ensenada, Baja California, was once the thriving heart of the Mexican tuna industry.

Israel's Netanyahu Says He'd 'Consider' A Meeting With New Iranian Leader

But the prime minister maintained Israel's bottom line of "full dismantlement" of Iran's enrichment program and called the new rhetoric from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani "hogwash."

Chemical Weapons Inspectors In Syria Just Getting Started

Melissa Block talks with Anne Barnard, Beirut bureau chief for The New York Times, about the challenges facing weapons inspectors charged with assessing and dismantling chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria.

Why Lots Of Grass-Fed Beef Sold In U.S. Comes From Down Under

A lot of the grass-fed beef sold in the U.S. now comes from Australia because it's cheaper and available year-round. But U.S. producers say they still have an advantage over the imported meat: a homegrown story.

Weapons Inspectors Report Progress In Syria

The international team says it hopes to begin onsite inspections and the initial disabling of equipment within a week.