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In Syria Debate, Obama's Internal Dialogue Becomes Audible

President Obama's approach to Syria has taken a number of surprising twists and turns in the weeks since a poison gas attack in August. A surprise agreement between Russia and the U.S. on a timetable for destroying Syria's weapons is the latest in what appears at times to be an unscripted drama.

Judge Rules 'Ikea Monkey' To Remain In Animal Sanctuary

In December, the Japanese macaque was found in a Toronto store after escaping from a locked crate in his owner's car.

Off The Tuscan Coast, Raising The Ill-Fated Costa Concordia

Next week, a salvage crew plans to rotate and raise the Costa Concordia cruise ship, in one of the biggest maritime salvage operations ever undertaken. The huge vessel has been partially submerged off Giglio Island since an accident in January 2012 that killed 32 people.

Men Convicted Of Gang Rape, Murder In India Sentenced To Die

The four men convicted of rape and murder in an Indian court were sentenced to death in New Delhi Friday. Last December, the men lured a young woman onto a bus, and then raped and tortured her before throwing her off the vehicle. She died of her injuries two weeks later. The death sentences were greeted with approval by the victim's family, and there have been widespread calls for the men to hang ever since details of their crime became known.

Is Brazil Ready To Step On The World Stage?

All Things Considered host Melissa Block is in Brazil, reporting on the rise of the Brazilian middle class and the country's preparations for the World Cup and Olympics.

What A Chatty Monkey May Tell Us About Learning To Talk

The gelada, found in Ethiopia, makes a gurgling noise that scientists say is close to human speech — at least in how much facial coordination it requires. One theory scientists are trying to test is if the monkey's vocal agility came from its tendency to hang with other geladas in large groups.

37 Killed In Fire At Russian Psychiatric Hospital

The blaze in the town of Luka, about 120 miles southeast of St. Petersburg, was the second such incident at a Russian psychiatric ward in recent months.

Like Anthony Weiner, German Politician Gives One-Finger Salute

There's no evidence that it appeals to voters, but a pair of politicians gave the cameras an upthrust middle finger this week. The German candidate tweeted a defense of his gesture, saying: "Straight talk doesn't always need words."

No Deal On Bangladesh Garment Factory Compensation Fund

At a meeting in Geneva, companies failed to set up a compensation fund for victims of the April disaster — the worst in the industry's history. Only one company announced compensation, and of the 20 invited for the meeting, nine turned up. One critic said the meeting lacked "clarity around objectives."

He's Down, Not Up: Trans-Atlantic Balloonist Forced To Land

Jonathan Trappe was trying to be the first to fly across the ocean using a "cluster balloon" rig. His little boat was suspended beneath about 300 helium-filled balloons. But after less than a day he was forced to land in Newfoundland. "Hmm, this doesn't look like France," he told his Facebook fans.