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Rep. Cole Weighs In On Syria Resolution

The White House is pursuing a major effort to persuade members of Congress to support a military strike in Syria. Estimates show the number of House members publicly against a strike near an outright majority. Renee Montagne talks to Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma who is opposed to military action.

Pentagon Prepares For Strikes On Syria

President Obama has asked Congress for the authority to attack, citing evidence that Syria's government used chemical weapons against its own people. Planners must tailor strikes that are not too aggressive to satisfy legislators who don't want the Syria crisis to escalate. But they must develop plans that would be robust enough to make a difference in the war to satisfy others.

Relief Agencies Brace For Fallout From Syria Strikes

Humanitarian groups are stockpiling supplies and readying a new refugee camp in Jordan. The conflict in the region is already the largest ongoing humanitarian crisis in the world with millions of Syrians displaced from their homes.

How To Build An Afghan Army, In A Million Difficult Steps

As the deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan approaches, Afghans have taken over the lead combat role in places like restive Helmand province. But U.S. forces are still engaged in major training efforts to make sure the Afghan-led security is sustainable.

How Could A Drought Spark A Civil War?

There are many ways to look at civil war: ethnic factions, economic divides and religions differences. But increasingly, some say we should also look at climate change as a factor as well, as it is often what forces internal migrations in nations already simmering with ethnic and sectarian tensions.

From The Fall Of Failure, Success Can Take Flight

Risking and embracing failure is part of the job for explorers and adventurers like aeronaut Salomon August Andrée. His fatal attempt at reaching the North Pole motivated others to push their own limits. The September issue of National Geographic investigates "famous failures" and why they mattered.

Police Challenge Prince Andrew During Walk At Palace

For Prince Andrew, a stroll in the garden of Buckingham Palace turned into a confrontation with police, after officers ordered the prince to show ID. "We are grateful to the duke for his understanding," police say in apology.

Wrestling Gets A New Hold On Olympics, Avoids Being Cut

In a vote held Sunday, the International Olympic Committee chose wrestling over squash and a combined bid from baseball and softball to be part of the 2020 and 2024 Olympics. Wrestling had been eliminated from the permanent roster of sports earlier this year.

Syria Developments: Debate In Washington; Assad Speaks To Rose

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has talked about the looming threat of a U.S. military strike in an interview with CBS News' Charlie Rose. Officials in the U.S. and its allies are debating how to respond to the conflict in Syria.

France Leads Europe In Hunting, Newspaper Says

French sports fans are known for their love of soccer. But according to Le Figaro, the country's "second sport" is hunting. The newspaper cites statistics from the National Federation of Hunters, which says that among all European countries, France has the most hunters.