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Japanese Blogger Obsesses Over Vending Machine

Near every day since 2005, he has taken a picture of the same vending machine. Over the years the sodas move, the ads change and the machine started taking digital payments.

Kerry Warns North Korea, But Holds Out Hope For Diplomacy

While condemning North Korea's recent rhetoric as "unacceptable," the secretary of state also said the U.S. wants to talk — if the North is serious about discussing denuclearization.

Venezuelan Humorist Engages Kidnappers In Election Dialogue

A not-so-funny thing happened earlier this week to Venezuelan humorist Laureano Marquez. He was kidnapped just before a scheduled interview with NPR. After being released unharmed, Marquez talks to Morning Edition about his ordeal and about politics in Caracas ahead of Sunday's presidential election.

How Chavez Changed Venezuela's Telenovelas

Morning Edition has been reporting from Venezuela this week about the legacy of the late President Hugo Chavez. During the two years Chavez spent in prison for an attempted coup in 1992, he never missed an episode of his favorite soap opera. But Chavez had his own drama with the industry.

Yoga Project Changes Lives In Nairobi's Slums

On a rooftop in a Kenyan slum, a group of people are doing yoga poses. Yoga has been introduced to them as a way to help cope with their lives, and develop a livelihood to help others.

Kerry: U.S. Will Not Accept A Nuclear-Armed North Korea

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Seoul, South Korea, at a time of escalating tension on the Korean peninsula. There are expectations that North Korea might soon launch a medium-range missile.