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What Do You Call Home?

Country and culture used to serve as the cornerstones of identity, but what does "home" mean to someone who comes from many places? Writer Pico Iyer talks about the meaning of home in a world where the old boundaries of nation-states no longer apply.


Each of us has a sense of who we are. But is identity assigned at birth? Shaped by circumstance? Or is it something we choose, that changes over time? This hour, TED speakers describe their journeys to answer the question: who am I?

Top Stories: Nobel Peace Prize; Movement (Maybe) On Shutdown

Also: Syria's rebels accused of killing civilians; and Utah finds a way to reopen its national parks.

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Gets Nobel Peace Prize

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is currently overseeing Syria's dismantling of its chemical weapons stockpile, is cited for having "defined the use of chemical weapons as a taboo under international law."

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Group Wins Peace Prize

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons won this year's Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. It won "for its extensive efforts" to rid the world of such arsenals, the Norwegian Nobel Committee said.

Syrian Rebels Accused Of Atrocities In Latakia

Human Rights Watch issued a report on Friday that focuses on the shootings of fleeing women and children, hostage taking and more on the coastal city of Latakia. Anne Barnard of The New York Times has just finished a reporting stint in Syria, and she talks to Steve Inkseep about what she saw.

Egypt Denounces U.S. Decision To Withhold Aid Package

Washington is withholding delivery of Apache helicopters and other things to show its displeasure with the Egyptian military's bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration says aid can be restored, if Egypt returns to a democratic path.

If You Think Wealth Disparity Is Bad Here, Look At Russia

A new report says Russia has the highest rate of inequality in the world – barring some small Caribbean islands. Just how bad is it? Thirty-five percent of household wealth in the country is in hands of 110 people.

Latino Hackers: Encouraging Innovation

Latinos are some of the biggest consumers of social media in the U.S., but when it comes to developing the technology, the numbers aren't very high. Host Michel Martin speaks with Oscar G. Torres, who is hosting hackathons to encourage Latino innovation.

Why Is The Higgs Boson A 'Big Whoop' For All Of Us?

The physicists who discovered the so-called 'God Particle' were awarded the Nobel Prize this year, but one writer says people still aren't paying enough attention. Scientist Ainissa Ramirez tells host Michel Martin why more people should care about the Higgs Boson, and why they probably won't.