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Toronto City Council In Chaos, As It Considers Curbing Mayor's Power

After Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack, he has faced an unrelenting set of scandalous allegations, including that he drove drunk, sexually harassed one of his staff members and that he was seen doing lines of cocaine at a bar.

World Headlines: Indonesia Recalls Australia Envoy Over Spying Claims

Australian media reported that the country's spy agency had tried to spy on the Indonesian president's phone calls. In other news, a Russian plane plunged vertically before it crashed over the weekend, and Chile's Michelle Bachelet failed to avoid a runoff in the presidential election.

Chile Election: Bachelet Is Far Ahead But Will Face Runoff

Michelle Bachelet, the former president of Chile from 2006 to 2010, is well on her way to an encore. A runoff election is set for Dec. 15, where she will face off against her childhood friend Evelyn Matthei.

11 Days After Typhoon, Parts Of Philippines Yet To Be Helped

The numbers about the superstorm's effects keep getting worse. Officials say that nearly 13 million people were affected by Typhoon Haiyan, with at least 4 million left homeless, and that some haven't been reached yet on remote islands.

Boeing's 777x Wins Multiple Orders At Dubai Airshow

The company sold nearly 260 of Boeing's new 777 aircraft. It was touted by Boeing as the largest combined order for a new aircraft in the company's history.

Examining U.S., European And Japan's Latest Economic Growth

Report cards are in for the world's biggest developed economies. The U.S. grew at an annual rate of 2.8 percent in the third quarter, Japan at 1.9 percent and the eurozone at a measly 0.4 percent. Steve Inkseep talks to David Wessel, economics editor at The Wall Street Journal, about economic growth in the last quarter.

After Stalemate, Regime Troops Gain Against Syrian Rebels

The Syrian army has been gaining significant ground against the rebels around the capital and in the north city of Aleppo. Analysts say the regime has better allies, superior fire-power and in this sectarian battle, has finally integrated Shiite forces from Hezbollah into a formidable force that is effective against disunited rebels.

Mexico's Retailers Welcome Shoppers Over Bargain Weekend

Throughout Mexico, shoppers filled malls and department stores in hopes of snatching up deep discounts and pre-holiday savings. If that sounds like the Mexican version of Black Friday, it is. Shop owners and economists alike are hoping consumers spend big and give Mexico's sagging economy a much needed end-of-the-year boost.

Hundreds Arrested In Massive Child Pornography Ring

Steve Inskeep talks to Robert Cribb, a reporter with the Toronto Star, who for the past year followed a sweeping investigation into a child pornography ring. The three-year investigation, made public last week, began with a Toronto-based website and led to the arrest of dozens of producers and clients and the rescue of nearly 400 children.

Catholics In Philippines Turn To Church To Cope With Typhoon

On Sunday, people made their way to church through the rubble and debris caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Parishioners say in the days after one of the world's most powerful storms crashed into Tacloban, the church has been a focal point for the community, a place to be together and to mourn.