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Istalif Potter Hopes Next Afghan President Will Serve The Country

The small village of Istalif is known for its cobalt blue pottery. Years ago, Morning Edition co-host Renee Montagne befriended one family in particular, that of master potter Abdul Wahkeel.

Ukraine's Acting President: We've Lost Control Of East

Pro-Russian separatists have seized government buildings in another eastern Ukrainian city. After Luhansk fell, Ukraine's acting president said his troops were helpless in the face of the unrest. He said he now was working to keep the rest of eastern Ukraine under his government's control.

Widening Sanctions On Russia Rattle Some In Western Oil Industry

The latest round of sanctions against Russia has created a lot of uncertainty for U.S. and European oil and gas companies. They're growing concerned that another round of sanctions could target Russia's energy sector, jeopardizing Western oil companies' activities there.

In Afghan Spring, Violence Rises — But So Do Recruiting Numbers

In Afghanistan, as the winter snows melt, Taliban violence heats up. This year, there will be even fewer foreign troops in Afghanistan to prop up Afghan forces, who suffered record casualties in 2013 as they took the lead for security. While U.S. officials feared that could hamper recruiting efforts for the Afghan Army, Afghan officials say they have a surplus of volunteers.

A Quiet Election Day In Iraq, With Some Signs For Concern

For the first time since U.S. troops withdrew in 2011, Iraqis went to the polls to vote on their leaders. As Reuters reporter Ned Parker says, the day's events paint a grim future for Iraq's future.

China Could (By One Measure) Pass U.S. As No. 1 Economy This Year

A World Bank forecast was based on purchasing power parity, an estimate of the cost of living in a particular country. But that isn't the only way to measure the size of an economy.

V. Stiviano 'Thunderously Unintelligent' In Sterling Scandal?

The NBA has banned L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the league for life after tapes revealed racist comments he made to girlfriend V. Stiviano. The Beautyshop ladies weigh in.

A Jazz Journey Around The World

On International Jazz Day, Alt Latino's Felix Contreras talks about musicians abroad who are heating up the U.S. jazz scene.

Thailand Calls New Elections Amid Fears Of Another Opposition Boycott

It's not clear whether the opposition, whose boycott of February elections caused the vote to be invalidated, will participate in the new balloting, set for July.
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Your Turn: Voter ID Laws Suffer Blow, Changes Coming to Pepco

On Wednesday, nuclear energy giant Exelon bought energy utility Pepco, sparking hopes of improved service for local residents. It's 'your turn' to weigh in on those and other stories in the news.