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VIDEO: You Will Smile At This Dancing Queen And Her Good Luck

Ellie Cole didn't know her dance moves were being videotaped. After they went on the Web, the video went viral. Now, she's getting the chance to be on a London stage. Check out the moves that made her famous.

Latinos 'Not Just A Chapter In U.S. History'

The new PBS series Latino Americans takes a look at the 500 year history of Hispanics in North America, and how it's shaped their identities today. Host Michel Martin speaks with award-winning filmmaker Adriana Bosch about the series.

Pitbull On Music From His Latino Side

Cuban-American rapper Pitbull digs funk and hip-hop. But for Tell Me More's 'In Your Ear' segment, he talks about some of the songs that speak straight to his Latino side.

China's Debate: Must The Party Follow The Constitution?

If you demand democracy in China, you can quickly find yourself at odds with the government. So these days, reformers are trying to use the constitution to make the party accountable to the people. But that didn't keep a Shanghai professor from getting suspended.

More Old People, Fewer Workers: Nations Look To Immigration

The debate can be heard across borders. Foreign workers are now finding jobs in highly homogeneous countries such as South Korea. But in other rapidly aging countries such as Japan, policymakers are wary of allowing immigrant labor.

Several Deaths Reported After Train Hits Bus In Ottawa

The collision tore apart the front of the bus. No one aboard the passenger train was killed, authorities say, but there were fatalities on the bus.

New Zealand Men Give New Meaning To The Words: Beer Tap

With the sponsorship of a brewery, the men rigged a friend's home so that beer flowed from all the taps.

Why Lilly Collins Is The 'Most Dangerous Celebrity'

Fantasy film star Lily Collins seems harmless but beware of looking for more about the starlet on the Internet. According to antivirus software company McAfee, she is the Most Dangerous Celebrity. Plugging Collins' name into a search engine has a 14 percent chance of turning up a computer virus.

Brazil's President Postpones U.S. Visit Over Spying Concerns

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has put off her state visit to the United States over allegations that the National Security Agency spied on her, ordinary Brazilians and the state oil company. This was supposed to be the first state visit by a Brazilian leader in two decades.

Evidence In UN Syria Report Makes Regime Most Likely Suspect

UN inspectors have concluded that it was in fact a chemical weapons attack that occurred outside Damascus, Syria on August 23rd. The report does not assign blame for the attack. But according to Peter Bouckaert, Emergencies Director for Human Rights Watch, a careful read of the evidence laid out in the UN report shows the Syrian regime is most likely behind the attack. He talks with Robert Siegel about the UN findings and what they imply.