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On The Road To Polio Eradication In Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the last three countries to still have entrenched polio. To eradicate the virus, a group of "social mobilizers" travels to hard-hit slums to help overcome social and physical barriers to vaccination.

A Look At Islam And Free Speech

Anti-American protests continued throughout the Muslim world today, sparked by a video that insults the Prophet Mohammad. Host Michel Martin looks at the heated debate about freedom of speech, Islam and American values with Dalia Mogahed of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.
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"In the Shadow of the Banyan"

Author Vaddey Ratner has written a novel based on her experience growing up in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge as a way to honor the memory of those, including her father, who did not survive. We talk with her about making peace with the past and moving forward with purpose.

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Behind The Protests In Libya And Pakistan

Protests in Libya and Pakistan are prompting calls to reign in militias and retaliate for an anti-Muslim video. Kojo explores reaction to the death of a U.S. ambassador and the bounty on the head of an American filmmaker.


More Protests In Muslim Nations; Some Violence

Tens of thousands of anti-American protesters have taken to the streets again. In Pakistan, at least one person has been killed today.

Woman Who Popularized Fresco Of Jesus Wants A Cut

The Spanish woman who messed up when she tried to restore a 19th-century fresco of Jesus, now wants a piece of the action from the $2,600 her church has collected from tourists coming to see the ruined artwork. A court battle is expected.

Record Soap Bubble Holds 181 people

Canadian performing artist Fan Yang set a Guinness record for number of people enclosed in a soap bubble. Yang burst the previous record by getting 181 people — arms at their sides — to resist the urge to poke the bubble as it slowly rose around them.