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Spiritual Healers Keep Watch For Plague In Uganda

It can be tough to stop the plague from spreading in rural Uganda because most villages don't have medical doctors to diagnose the deadly infection. But healers and herbalists are common. A scientist has trained them to detect the illness and refer patients for modern treatment.

World Headlines: Argentina's Kirchner Returns To Presidency

She was out for five weeks following brain surgery to remove a clot. In other news, Nepalese are voting for a new Constituent Assembly, and we swear it's not Spam — Monty Python's surviving members are reuniting for a stage show.

Two Explosions, Multiple Deaths At Iranian Embassy In Beirut

The blasts happened in a part of the city that is also home to offices of a Shiite party that is allied with Hezbollah. Forces battling Syrian President Bashar Assad have carried their fight to his supporters in Lebanon. There are reports that a brigade with ties to al-Qaida claimed responsibility.

Iranian Cultural Attache Killed In Beirut Blasts

A car bomb at the Iranian embassy in southern Beirut killed two dozen people and highlighted the spillover tensions from the civil war in Syria next door. Steve Inskeep talks to Anne Barnard, the Beirut bureau chief for The New York Times.

More Aid Reaching Remote Areas Of Philippines

Displaced typhoon survivors in Tacloban are still trying to get a handle on their lives being turned upside down. Many will be dependent on aid for months to come.

Back To The Future: Calls Grow For A Military Ruler In Egypt

Egypt's post-revolution transition has been tumultuous. Now, many Egyptians are ready to settle for a return to the pre-revolution status quo: a strong, military man who can guide Egypt back to stability. Their hopes are pinned on Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who led the ouster of Mohammed Morsi.

For Filipinos Displaced By Haiyan, The Struggle Continues

As the recovery effort starts to move from rescue to reconstruction in the Philippines, one family in Leyte Province sees a dark future after the devastating loss they suffered from Typhoon Haiyan.

Damaged Fuel Rods Removed At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant successfully removed some radioactive fuel from one of the damaged reactors on Monday. It's an important first step, but there's a long way to go before the situation at the plant can be said to be completely under control

Kenyan Investigators Scale Back Number Of Mall Attackers

Authorities are releasing a few more details about the Islamist extremists who held siege at a Kenyan mall for four days in September, including the gym at which they bulked up before the attack.

How And Where Should We Rebuild After Natural Disasters?

There will be more big typhoons, some in poor countries, some in wealthier regions. But one thing we all share is a difficulty in keeping the next disaster in mind as we rebuild. Most cities are coastal, where even the certainty of big losses hasn't dissuaded people from moving into harm's way.