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Analyst Criticized For Syrian-Rebel Advocacy Connections

During the run-up to possible military action in Syria, the name of an unknown researcher was catapulted into the spotlight. Elizabeth O'Bagy was on NPR, Fox and quoted by Senator John McCain during a hearing. It turns out, O'Bagy is not exactly who she said she was, and her story reveals a lot about how Washington works during times of high drama.

Rebels Were 'Eager' To See U.S. Strikes On Syria

Steve Inskeep talks to General Salim Idriss, commander of the Free Syrian Army. They discuss Syrian opposition reaction to President Obama's address to the nation this week, the Russian diplomatic initiative and what assistance the general is hoping to receive from the United States.

Challenging Obama, Putin Appeals Directly To Americans On Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin made an unusual and direct appeal to the American people Wednesday night to reject President Obama's calls for possible use of force against Syria, using an op-ed in The New York Times to counter many of the arguments Obama made 24 hours earlier in a speech to the nation.

Satellite Image Suggests North Korea Is Restarting Reactor

A photo snapped from space shows steam rising from the facility housing the 5-megawatt reactor at Yongbyon that was dismantled as part of disarmament efforts five years ago.

What's Driving Russia's Tactical Change On Syria?

Until recently, Russia seemed unable or unwilling to do anything to head off a U.S. strike against Syria. Now, it's running with a plan to have Syria place its chemical weapons under international control. The strategy allows nearly all sides to save face politically.

Can The U.N. Security Council Produce A Syria Solution?

Robert Siegel talks with David Hanney about prospects for a United Nations Security Council resolution on Syria's chemical weapons. Lord Hanney represented Britain in the United Nations during the first Iraq war, when the UN Security Council voted unanimously to expel Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

Kerry's Syria Switch May Not Have Been Offhanded After All

Robert Siegel talks with Peter Nicholas, White House reporter for The Wall Street Journal, about the chain of events that led to a U.S.-backed Russian plan to have Syria hand over its chemical weapons.

From Anonymous To Media Star To Unemployed In A Week

Overnight, Syrian analyst Elizabeth O'Bagy became a prominent figure in the Syrian debate. She was fired Wednesday for falsely claiming to have a Ph.D.

Vatican's Secretary Of State Says Celibacy Is An Open Question

In an interview, Archbishop Pietro Parolin said priest celibacy is not an untouchable church dogma. What his declaration signals, however, is still up in the air.

Discovery Of Massive Aquifers Could Be Game Changer For Kenya

The underground lakes were found in the most arid region of a country where 40 percent of the population lacks access to safe water.