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As Talks Continue, CIA Gets Some Weapons To Syrian Rebels

Although a Free Syrian Army commander has said his fighters haven't yet gotten any "lethal aid" from the U.S., sources tell NPR that some small arms are being delivered to "moderate" rebels. Meanwhile, U.S. and Russian diplomats report progress in their discussions.

Serious But Funny Discoveries Win Prizes

The lg Nobel Prize honors discoveries that are very scientific yet humorous. Winners include researchers who showed dung beetles navigate using the Milky Way. Other scientists proved that people who are drunk think they're more attractive.

Death For 4 Men Convicted In Indian Gang Rape And Murder

The brutal attack shocked the nation and led to changes in India's laws about violence against women and sexual assault.

Are Weapons Getting To Syrian Rebels?

We're going look more closely at whether the United States is providing arms to Syria's rebels. The commander of the Free Syrian Army General told Morning Edition on Thursday that his group was not receiving weapons. But American officials contend they are providing weapons to the rebels.

An Unlikely Refuge: Some Wounded Syrians Treated In Israel

Many Syrians have fled their homes and sought refuge in neighboring countries. But Israel and Syria are enemies, and Israel hasn't opened its gates to Syrians fleeing the violence. But it has helped about 200 injured Syrians get medical attention. The Syrians come to Israel at great personal risk.

Saudis At Odds With U.S. Over Egypt

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab states are stepping in with billions of dollars for Egypt's military as it attempts to neutralize the Muslim Brotherhood as a political force. The exception is Qatar, which along with Turkey, is left to condemn the ouster of Egypt's Islamist president last month. The rift poses new challenges for U.S. policy in the region.

U.S. And Russia Hammer Out Plan For Syria's Chemical Weapons

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov resume meetings in Geneva on Friday. The talks are aimed at working out the details of a program in which Syria's Bashar Assad would give up his chemical weapons.

Fit For A Novel: U.S., Russia Differences Over Syria

The past couple of weeks have sometimes felt like an international thriller as American and Russian leaders moved their chess pieces around the board. Renee Montagne talks to Washington Post columnist and novelist David Ignatius about the strategies involving Syria.

13 Years Later, Lance Armstrong Returns Olympic Medal

Already stripped of his Tour de France titles, Armstrong lost another link to his once-legendary cycling career Wednesday, returning the bronze medal he won at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

As The Revolution Fades, Tunisia Begins To Splinter

Tunisia's Islamist ruling party is trying to avoid the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which was recently ousted by the military. But it's feeling the heat. As in Egypt, security issues and economic pressures are fueling discontent. Tunisians are increasingly blaming the government.