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Croat Group Sues Bob Dylan For Racism In France

At issue are comments the singer made in an interview in which he drew a line between Nazis and Croats. The France-based Croat group calls it "an incitement to hatred." France has strict laws against hate speech.

E-Readers Mark A New Chapter In The Developing World

David Risher, who helped Amazon become an online retail behemoth, has set his sights on a new frontier: global literacy. Using e-readers and cellphone apps, Risher's nonprofit, Worldreader, brings books to students in literature-starved communities.

Where's The Best Airport In The World To Be Stranded?

Well, that depends on what you're looking for. Butterflies? Singapore's Changi can't be beat. Biergarten? Try Munich's airport. Wings? Buffalo, naturally. Chocolate? Brussels is your best bet. Here's a totally unscientific list of the best places to be stuck while you're awaiting your flight.

For First Time In Memory, Icelandic Police Shoot And Kill

A police raid Monday in Reykjavík ended with the death of a man who reportedly shot at police. Though Iceland ranks No. 15 in per capita gun ownership, gun violence is almost unheard of.

I'm Not Just Gaming, Ma! I'm Helping The World's Farmers

A computer game wants you to help survey the world's cropland. The hope is that the map will be used by organizations around the globe that are working with farmers to manage their crops better and get more out of each harvest.

Ninth Body Pulled From Helicopter Crash Site In Scotland

Workers removed the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed into the Clutha Bar in Glasgow late Friday. Rescue personnel also were making a final sweep to ensure there weren't any more bodies in the debris, and family members of those missing expressed frustration at the pace of search efforts.

VIDEO: Eagle Snatches Camera, Flies Away, Takes Great Selfie

Watch what happens as a bird in western Australia lifts off with a camera and then pecks away at the lens after carrying the device about 70 miles. It's the latest in a series of fascinating scenes from eagle cams.

For The First Time, China Launches A Moon Rover Mission

The mission has become a reason for national pride in the country. If successful, China would join the U.S. and the former Soviet Union as the only countries to achieve a soft landing on the moon.

Swedish Inmate Escapes To Go To The Dentist

The prisoner complained of a toothache but says he couldn't get anyone to help him treat it. So, according to Swedish media, the 51-year-old man escaped, and went to a dentist. He had his tooth pulled and then turned himself in to authorities.

Violence Erupts Over Ukraine President's Pro-Russia Move

Demonstrations, often violent, are happening across Ukraine after its president refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. His decision came under heavy pressure from Russia, which in the past has cut off critical gas supplies to Ukraine to show its dissatisfaction. For more, Renee Montagne talks to journalist David Stern in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.