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Colombia's Coca Farmers Face Uncertain Future As FARC Negotiates Peace

As part of talks, the leftist revolutionary group is offering to help end Colombia's cocaine trade, but previous attempts to encourage coca farmers to grow something else have been disastrous.

Africa's Soccer Tourney Takes Guinea's Mind Off Ebola

Today, Guineans had one thing on their mind: Would their beloved Elephants beat Ivory Coast in the Africa Cup of Nations?

Saudi Arabia Builds Iraq Border Wall To Protect Against ISIS

Audie Cornish talks with Saudi Arabia expert Gregory Gause about how the country views the ISIS threat. The kingdom is building a 600-mile border wall along its northern border with Iraq.

Al Qaida, Houthi Rebels Push Yemen Toward Sectarian Conflict

Audie Cornish talks to journalist Iona Craig about the Houthi rebels' attack and takeover of the Yemeni presidential palace in Sanaa. Craig has been based in Yemen for the past four years.

U.K. Tabloid 'The Sun' Ends Topless Tradition

Britain's most popular newspaper will reportedly stop featuring photos of topless women on its pages. The Sun began its "Page 3" pictures 44 years ago, but there has long been criticism of the feature, which critics say objectifies women.

ISIS Demands $200 Million Ransom For Japanese Hostages

The Japanese government is facing a ransom demand of $200 million for the lives of two Japanese men held by the self-described Islamic State. The demand was made in a video posted online, in which a hooded fighter gave Japan 72 hours to come up with the money.

Thaw Begins On U.S.-Cuba Relationship Frozen In Time

U.S.-Cuba talks start Wednesday to revive a relationship that has been frozen in time. Cuba policy is likely to feature prominently in President's Obama's State of the Union address.

Political Turmoil Threatens To Derail Haiti's Delicate Recovery

Haiti's President Martelly has formed a new government that he rules by decree. He's appointed some new ministers and a prime minister but hasn't said when new elections will happen. The U.S. has pledged it's backing of Martelly, but many are worried that the continuing political turmoil is hurting reconstruction efforts.

What's Going On In Yemen?

Yemen has once again been plunged into chaos as rebels reportedly have taken the presidential palace. The U.S., Saudi Arabia and Iran all have an important stake in the troubled country.

Pope Francis Says Catholics Don't Need To Breed 'Like Rabbits'

On his return from a weeklong trip to Asia, Pope Francis emphasized the church's ban on artificial means of birth control and said Catholics should practice "responsible parenthood."