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Synagogue Attack Fuels Rising Tensions In Jerusalem

Palestinian attackers killed four people praying in a Jerusalem synagogue, raising fears of increased unrest and violence in the city.

Dangerous Deliveries: Ebola Devastates Women's Health In Liberia

When a pregnant woman catches Ebola, the fetus and amniotic fluid are flooded with the virus. The ripple effects of these dangerous deliveries could be more catastrophic than Ebola itself.

North Korea's Charm Offensive Doesn't Distract From Human Rights Record

A UN General Assembly committee that deals with human rights and social issues is expected to vote on a measure that puts Pyongyang on a path toward the International Criminal Court.

Measles Still Kills 400 Kids A Day — And It May Be Making A Comeback

The global fight against the disease has stalled, says the World Health Organization. The recession gets some of the blame. And so does the anti-vaccine movement.

With Cash And Cachet, The Islamic State Expands Its Empire

Based in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State is using its chameleon-like branding and financial incentives to attract extremist groups from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula to Libya's Mediterranean coast.

Indonesia Urged To Stop 'Virginity Tests' For Female Police Recruits

Human Rights Watch says the test is discriminatory and "harms and humiliates women." The test is listed as a requirement for female applicants, and the group said it is widely applied.

Once Tolerated, Westerners Are Now Targeted By Radical Islamists

The kidnapping and killing of Westerners isn't a new phenomenon in the Middle East. But the last time around, it stopped after just a few years. This time there's no end in sight.

As Espresso Rises, Will 'Greek Coffee' Be Left To The Turks?

"Greek coffee" may be a matter of national pride in the Mediterranean nation. But increasingly, Greeks are embracing espresso, an imported brew. Chalk it up to globalization.

FIFA Files Criminal Complaint Over 2018, 2022 Soccer World Cup Bidding

Soccer's governing body said assets may have been transferred to Switzerland in connection with the bids. Just days ago, FIFA cleared eventual winners Russia and Qatar of corruption.

With Japan In Recession, Prime Minister Calls For Snap Elections

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for an election two years ahead of schedule, and he also delayed an increase in sales tax.