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Bullfighting For Buddhists: A Less Bloody Alternative In South Korea

There are no matadors, no swords and little gore, just two bulls butting heads at the country's annual bullfighting festival. In the end, neither creature dies; each just expresses its "emotions."

10 Men Sent To Prison Over Shooting Of Malala In 2012

A Pakistani anti-terrorism court sentenced the men to 25-year terms for their roles in the near-fatal attack on Malala Yousafzai when she was 15.

Rescue Brings A Bit Of Good News To Nepal's Capital After Earthquake

For five days, a teenager in Kathmandu was covered in the rubble of a seven-story building that was hit by Saturday's powerful tremor. On Thursday, rescue crews pulled him to safety.

With Only One Runway, Kathmandu's Airport Hinders Earthquake Relief

There's gridlock at Nepal's international airport. That has complicated efforts to get goods and supplies into the country after Saturday's earthquake.

Israel Criticized For Leaving Pregnant Surrogates In Nepal

Israel evacuated 26 newborns from Nepal but left behind about 100 pregnant women — surrogates, carrying the babies for Israeli parents. Renee Montagne talks to Debra Kamin, a journalist in Tel Aviv.

Saudi King Salman Reshuffles Line Of Succession

Saudi Arabia's King Salman shook up the monarchy on Wednesday. According to a royal decree, the king's nephew takes over as crown prince, and the king's young son becomes deputy crown prince.

Learning About The Quran ... From A Catholic Archbishop

As a young priest, Michael Fitzgerald studied Islam and served the Vatican in Muslim countries. Devoted to promoting Catholic-Muslim understanding, he's now teaching Jesuit students about the Quran.

The Frightened Vietnamese Kid Who Became A U.S. Army General

Forty years ago, Viet Luong was a 9-year-old Vietnamese boy fleeing Saigon with his family. Today he's the first Vietnamese-American general in the U.S. Army and is helping train the Afghan military.

Israeli Dads Welcome Surrogate-Born Baby In Nepal On Earthquake Day

Mazel tov, it's a global baby boy! The egg was from a South African donor; the sperm was from Israel. The surrogate mom lived in Nepal. And when the dads came to meet their son, an earthquake struck.

Japan's Abe Pushes The Pacific Trade Deal Onto Center Stage

The Japanese prime minister used his time in the spotlight in Washington to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying it would create both prosperity and peace. Democrats remain skeptical.