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Life Still Uncomfortable For Many Of France's Jews

NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Roger Cukierman, president of the Council of French Jewish Institutions. They discuss the climate in France following last month's attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris, and an appeal by Israel's prime minister for French Jews to emigrate to Israel.

Indian State Bans The Slaughter, Sale And Consumption Of Beef

Anyone found breaking the new law in Maharashtra state could face up to five years in prison.

Psst, We'll Pay You A Bribe If You Read This Story

An estimated 1.6 billion people — many of them in the developing world — pay bribes for public services, according to a new book. The alternative may be no health care and no education.

After Netanyahu's Speech, A Reality Check

The Israeli prime minister has warned about the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program for two decades. He has shaped the debate, but will he influence the final outcome?

'Nothing New' In Netanyahu's Speech, Obama Says

The reaction to Israeli prime minister speech on Iran to a joint meeting of Congress is, so far, along partisan lines.

LOOK: Pictures Of The Villarrica Volcano's Eruption In Chile

The volcano spewed heavy smoke into the air and lava down its slopes, prompting the evacuation of thousands of people in southern Chile.

After Weeks Of Controversy, Netanyahu Takes The Podium Before Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is speaking before Congress this morning, in a much anticipated and controversial address. David Greene discusses the speech with NPR's Michele Kelemen.

In Speech To Congress, Netanyahu Blasts 'A Very Bad Deal' With Iran

The Israeli premier's remarks are the culmination of a controversy that began in January when he was invited — without input from the White House — to make the speech.

With Iran's Help, Iraqi Force Pushes Toward ISIS-Held Tikrit

A local source says that Iran, which has already been aiding Iraq with artillery and intelligence support, has sent fighters to help take the city of Tikrit.

Advised By Iran's Military, Iraqi Forces Launch Effort To Retake Tikrit

Tikrit, home town to Saddam Hussein, had been captured last year by the group that calls itself the Islamic State, or ISIS. The new military offensive is relying heavily on support from Iran.