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30 Graves, Thought To Be Burmese Migrants, Found In Thailand

Remains from the graves are believed to be illegal migrants who were likely victims of human trafficking.

Death Toll In Nepal Crosses 6,800

The United Nations has complained that Nepal's bureaucracy is getting in the way of relief efforts. Government officials in Kathmandu say they aren't receiving enough of the right kind of aid.

Novelist Ruth Rendell, Author Of 'Wexford' Books, Dies At 85

She is credited with being a pioneer of the psychological thriller and wrote more than 60 books.

In Danang, Where U.S. Troops First Landed, Memories Of War Have Faded

U.S. Marines were deployed to the coastal Vietnamese city 50 years ago last month. Now, 40 years after the war's end and amid great change, former Viet Cong and an American reflect on that time.

Conditions Slowly Improve After Nepal Quake

Power is on in most areas of Kathmandu and the Internet is working, but tens of thousands are homeless. NPR's Scott Simon talks with correspondent Russell Lewis in Nepal about earthquake recovery.

Citing Religious Beliefs, Muslim Gitmo Inmates Object To Female Guards

A judge has blocked women from shackling and escorting the five Muslim men on trial for plotting the Sept. 11 attacks. Soldiers, in turn, have filed Equal Opportunity complaints against the judge.

Above The Fray: Mafate Offers A Roadless, Island Isolation

On La Réunion, a remote Indian Ocean island, one community lives in a collapsed volcanic crater, reachable only by foot or helicopter. We bring you an audio postcard.

Kate Middleton, Wife Of Prince William, Has A Baby Girl

Just hours after she checked into the hospital in early labor, the Duchess of Cambridge delivered her second baby.

You Want To Go To Nepal And Help Out. Is That A Good Idea?

Volunteers are eager to lend a hand as the country recovers from the earthquake. That's a noble intention — but it could backfire.

Kate Middleton, Wife Of Prince William, Is In Labor

The Duchess of Cambridge checked into a London hospital and is in the early stages of labor, according to reports.