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Al-Shabab Militants Strike African Union Base In Somalia

The peacekeeping group known as Amisom says the militants used a car loaded with explosives to force their way through the base gates. It was the second attack on a base this summer.

Denmark Might Be Winning The Global Race To Prevent Food Waste

According to a recent report from the Danish government, Danes now throw away 25 percent less food than they did five years ago. Supermarkets are doing their part by selling older food at a discount.

Thai Prime Minister Says 'Main Suspect' In Bangkok Bombing Arrested

Authorities say a second foreigner has been arrested in connection with last month's deadly bombing and that three more arrest warrants have been issued.

Just 2 Russian Bros Working Out, Grilling Steak, Drinking Tea

Newly released pictures of President Vladimir Putin show him working out at a gym and grilling steaks with his prime minister. It may be part of a government effort to boost Putin's approval ratings.
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The Influence Of The Latino Vote in 2016

In 2016, an estimated 13.1 million Latino voters are expected to cast a ballot. We look at the growing influence of the Latino vote and who makes up this demographic.


Hungary Closes Budapest Train Station To Migrants Traveling To Western Europe

Authorities had been allowing migrants to travel without checking passports, but on Tuesday, the station was closed and migrants began protesting.

What Is The Realistic Way To Deal With Migration In Europe?

With migrants pouring into richer European countries, leaders have called for a unified European response to the crisis. Renee Montagne talks to Peter Spiegel of the Financial Times.

Canada Enforces Pleasure Boat Reporting Requirements

U.S. boaters are frustrated by new rules meant to tighten security along the border. Residents along the St. Lawrence River say the rules are complicating their lives and interfering with water fun.

Turkey Calls For New Elections Amid Fighting With Kurds, ISIS

Turkey's president told voters to be ready for a re-run of parliamentary elections on Nov. 1. The hope is the ruling party regains its majority as conflicts flare with the Kurdish minority and ISIS.

Katrina Sparked Push To Improve Hurricane Forecasting

In the decade since Katrina, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service have invested in new satellites and computer modeling technology that have significantly improved their ability to forecast and track hurricanes.