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Latest Attempted Coup In Gambia Began On U.S. Soil

NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with reporter Adam Goldman about how the Gambian president survived a failed coup hatched by U.S.-based dissidents.

American Freelance Journalist Released By Rebels In Yemen

Casey Coombs was one of a number of Americans being held in Yemen, according to the U.S. State Department.

As The Arctic Opens Up, The U.S. Is Down To A Single Icebreaker

Melting ice means more of the Arctic is accessible to exploration and shipping, and countries are racing to establish a presence. But they still need heavy icebreakers, and the U.S. is falling behind.

A Rare, Spontaneous Democracy Debate In A Shanghai Taxi

NPR's Frank Langfitt has been driving around Shanghai offering free rides to learn about real life in China. But he was recently a taxi passenger when something unusual happened.

Woman Turns 100 Without Any Family, But With Thousands Of Good Wishes

When word got out that England's Winnie Blagden would turn 100 on Sunday and had no living relatives, thousands of people sent cards and gifts.

Climate Change Meeting To Focus On Ensuring Countries Keep Commitments

The meeting in Bonn, Germany, comes a day after European energy companies urged countries to adopt a pricing system for carbon emissions.

Murder Charges In Bangladesh Over 2013 Garment Factory Collapse

More than 40 people were charged in connection with the collapse of the Rana Plaza that killed 1,137 people.

Cyber Archaeologists Rebuild Destroyed Artifacts

Hundreds of ancient artifacts have been damaged or destroyed during violence in the Middle East. Researchers are using the power of crowdsourcing and 3-D imaging to re-create the ancient artifacts.

U.S., Other Countries Watch China's Movement In South China Sea

China is flexing its muscles in the South China Sea. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a group of diplomats in Singapore over the weekend that the U.S. was "deeply concerned" about China's activity.

Fighting In Eastern Ukraine Appears To Be Heating Up Again

While Ukrainians fear another offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a measure saying that Russian military casualties during peacetime will now be considered a state secret.