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What's Preventing A Nuclear Deal With Iran?

Renee Montagne talks to Hooman Majd, an Iranian-American journalist, who writes extensively about Iran. An interim deal between Iran and Western powers was struck more than a year ago.

Britain To Announce Sweeping Counterterrorism Legislation

The British government plans to introduce measures it says will help authorities combat terrorism. The proposed legislation includes a ban on insurance companies covering the cost of ransom demands.

Kerry Urges Congress To Ease Up On Iran Nuclear Negotiators

Secretary of State John Kerry is urging lawmakers to give diplomats some more time to negotiate a final nuclear deal with Iran. Republicans are skeptical of the administration's overtures to Tehran.

As Ebola Pingpongs In Liberia, Cases Disappear Into The Jungle

A woman is thought to be spreading Ebola in a remote village. So health workers spend four hours trekking through the bush to track her down. By the time they make it, it's too late.

Islamist Al Shabab Militants Kill 28 In Kenya Bus Attack

Kenya says its forces have killed more than 100 suspected Islamist militants following the weekend's deadly attack on a Kenyan bus. The Al Shabab militants, however, say that whomever the Kenyans got, it wasn't them. In the weekend attack, gunmen pulled people off a bus and killed 28 of them.

Iran Nuclear Negotiators Miss Deadline, Ask For More Time

Negotiators extended a temporary deal limiting Iran's nuclear program, which was set to expire. Secretary of State John Kerry said Iran has been living up to the deal and talks should continue.

Ebola In Remote Liberia, Through The Eyes Of A Local Health Worker

Amid hopeful news from Liberia of dwindling numbers of Ebola cases, an outbreak of the disease started late last month in a remote part of the country. Health worker Lorenzo Dorr gives us an update.

Hello Flowers, Bye-Bye Stray Dogs: Nepal Preps For South Asian Summit

VIPs arrive in Katmandu tomorrow for the big event. The government is whitewashing buildings, sending beggars away and promising 24-hour power. But what happens when the summit ends?

Israel's Cabinet OKs Controversial Nationality Measure

The bill, which must be approved by Parliament, defines Israel as "the nation-state of the Jewish people." It has angered not only Israel's Arab citizens, but also members of the coalition government.

Hospital 'Shocks' Fathers-To-Be

If men want to understand child birth, a hospital in China will simulate contractions. A nurse will shock a man's abdomen with electrodes for up to five minutes.