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From West Africa to Baltimore: New Exhibit Explores The History Of The Banjo

From the 1730s through the 1830s, you could find more banjos in Maryland's Chesapeake region than anywhere else in North America.

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National Prayer Service Caps Inauguration Ceremonies

President Barack Obama started the first official day of his second term Tuesday at a prayer service at the National Cathedral, emphasizing a spirit of inclusion.

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Agenda Laid Out In Obama's Inaugural Address Delights Area Lawmakers

President Barack Obama didn't pull any punches in his Inauguration Day speech. Area lamwkers reacted strongly to the liberal causes he addressed, including climate change.

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Despite Snafus, Metro Has Largely Problem-Free Inaugural

The crowds were big and the minor interruptions plenty, but the Metro managed to handle the Inauguration Day influx of passengers without major issues.

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PHOTOS: Inauguration Day 2013

The WAMU team was broadcasting live from the U.S. Capitol all morning on Inauguration Day. Check out the view from right in the middle of the action.

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Gray Hopes Message Of Inaugural Address Will Apply To District Residents

President Barack Obama spoke of inclusiveness and fairness during his inaugural address, and D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray says he hopes those same principles come to embrace residents of the District.

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Inaugural Parade Continues Tradition More Than 200 Years Old

Crowds are packed around the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue, waiting for newly-inaugurated President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to lead a procession which includes more than 60 performing groups.

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Inauguration Attendees Should Plan Transportation Ahead Of Time

For those traveling in or near the District on Monday, the toughest part will be reaching their destination.

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Inaugural Store Stays Open For Last-Minute Souvenir Buyers

The Presidential Inaugural Committee plans to keep the official inauguration store open until Jan. 24 for last-minute purchases.

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Obama's Presidential Limo Has New Tags

President Obama's limo now displays the "Taxation Without Representation" design used in the District.