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Eleanor Holmes Norton To Hold Inauguration Ticket Lottery

More than 3,500 D.C. residents put their names into the hat for a local politicians' drawing for tickets to the inauguration.

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Ticketmaster Goofs Inaugural Ball Tickets Sales

There's been a mix-up involving ticket sales to some events related to the upcoming Inaugural Parade and Ball.

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Presidential Inauguration Preparations Underway

Plans for Obama's second inauguration are underway, some of which will be a little different from 2009.

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Obama Expected To Attend Two Inaugural Balls

More than 20 inaugural balls are scheduled for the President's second inauguration, but Obama and First Lady Michelle are expected at only two of them.

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Cellular Companies Add More Towers For Inauguration

Extra cellphone towers are being installed on the National Mall to handle the heavy use expected from smartphones during the presidential inauguration.

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The Craft Of Speechwriting

Speeches are the most effective way to rally people to your cause. Kojo discovers what goes into crafting a great speech.