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Government officials say tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed over the U.S.-Mexico border from Central American since 2014. The D.C. region's strong Central American community grew by at least 7,000 children last year and this year, and experts estimate that the metro D.C. region will absorb between 2,000 to 4,000 more, stretching local resources.

Immigration reporter Armando Trull explored the roots of the crisis in his series Voices From El Salvador.

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How Can Teachers Meet The Needs Of Unaccompanied Minors Who Have Suffered 'Complex Trauma?'

There are nearly 700 students in Montgomery County Public Schools who fled from Central America, and the school system is working on training to meet the socio-emotional needs of this often traumatized unaccompanied youths.

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Plan To Create Two Majority Minority Elementary Schools In Loudoun County Defeated

The Loudoun County School Board adopted a compromise redistricting plan Tuesday night that it says will alleviate overcrowding and close an achievement gap among English-language learners while keeping school populations diverse.

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Building Trust, Note By Note: High School Band Program Integrates Immigrants

An after-school program in Prince George's County is attempting to bridge the divide between two groups of students who share a campus but attend different high schools.

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Maryland Bill Would Protect The Undocumented From Extortion

A bill working its way through the Maryland House of Delegates would make it illegal to extort someone on the basis of their immigration status.

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ICE Raids Sow Fear Among Central Americans In The D.C. Area

What happens after federal immigration enforcement agents raid a local apartment building? WAMU 88.5's Armando Trull talks to residents and activists about the effects of recent ICE activity.

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D.C. Region May Not Be Prepared For Expected Surge Of Migrant Youth

Authorities in the Washington, D.C., region are worried about a new influx of unaccompanied minors from Central America as thousands of young people cross the Mexican border to enter the U.S.
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Divided On Arrival: Even In Diverse Schools, New Immigrants Face Bullying

Immigrant students face a number of hardships in reaching the U.S., but some Montgomery County schools are finding that tough challenges are awaiting these youths, too.

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Noncitizens Voting In School Board Elections? Maryland County Could See It

Immigrants who are not U.S. citizens would be allowed to vote for school board in Montgomery County under a proposal that needs statewide approval — and has some critics asking if it would be too complicated to implement.

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As Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants Gain Traction, Policy Makers Look To States Like Maryland

More than 900,000 limited licenses have been issued to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. — and as more states craft policies, they are looking to states like Maryland for precedents that work.

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Violence Against Women Driving Central American Refugee Crisis, Says UN Report

The United Nations has released a new report about violence in Central America, that focuses on how women have become targets of violence by organization transnational and criminal groups.