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Archaeological Dig May Counter Bible's Version Of The Philistines

Archaeologists in Israel have unearthed an ancient cemetery believed to be the final resting place of some 200 Philistines. They hope the bones will show a new side of the notorious biblical people.

FBI Is Giving Up On Solving The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper

The FBI says it is giving up on the D.B. Cooper investigation, 45 years after the mysterious hijacker parachuted into the night with $200,000 in a briefcase, becoming an instant folk figure.


Coney: The Hot Dog That Fueled Detroit's Middle-Class Dreams

Hundreds of eateries selling chili-topped hot dogs dot Detroit. The story of how this food became the city's signature dish is deeply entwined with its auto industry and the workers who flocked to it.

Long Buried By Bad Reputation, Philistines Get New Life With Archaeological Find

They're one of the Hebrew Bible's greatest villains, but not much is known about the ancient Philistines. An uncovered cemetery, which researchers say is the first of its kind, could change all that.

'Hamilton' Reminds Us Of Our Country's Promise

Lin-Manuel Miranda made his final performance in the hit musical Saturday. Michel Martin reflects on what Alexander Hamilton's story can teach us after a troubling week of news.

The Code Switch Podcast, Episode 8: No Words

It's hard to figure out what to say after this week's horrific violence, which began with two viral videos of police shooting black men and ended with a deadly attack by a gunman on police officers.

A Longing For Lentils, Or How I Learned To Find Home Where The Daal Is

Daal, yellow, red, brown, or black, is a staple across India. It is often described, inadequately, as lentil soup. Except it's so much more. For a lifelong expat, it's an anchor in an shifting world.

QUIZ: What Does Food Symbolize In Art? Test Your Knowledge

Artists have been painting food into their work since ancient times. You know it looks delicious, but how well can you decipher what foods mean in art? Take this quiz to find out.
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A Conversation With Julian Fellowes

The global hit “Downton Abbey” chronicled the lives and loves of Britain’s nobility — and their downstairs staff — in an era of great social change. Now, the show’s creator explores money, desire and secrets in a new novel set in the 19th Century. A conversation with Julian Fellowes.


In Chile, 'Marraqueta' Is The Daily Bread

This crusty bread likely originated with French immigrants of centuries past, but it's =become deeply entwined with Chilean identity, diet ... even language. Yet most people don't make it at home.