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Diversity In Book Publishing Isn't Just About Writers — Marketing Matters, Too

For writers of color, the lack of diversity in book publicity departments can feel like a death knell.

Vive Le Confort! For Corseted Courtiers, This Dress Was A French Revolution

A really old French dress has sold for more than $150,000. The brocade gown is an exquisite example of the loose-fitting dresses that women — fed up with restrictive bodices — embraced in the 1700s.

Who Gets To Be 'Hapa'?

Many young mixed-raced Asian-Americans embrace the Hawaiian word "hapa" to describe their identity. But are they legitimizing a slur, engaging in appropriation, or just making an old word new?

Opening Ceremony Spectacle Resurfaces Debate: Who Was First In Flight?

The opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic games in Brazil revived a debate that was surprising to many Americans: that a Brazilian man was the first in flight, not the Wright Brothers.

'Utopia Drive' Chronicles 'Quiet Revolutionaries' Who Tried To Live Outside Society

In his new book Utopia Drive, author Erik Reece takes readers on a literary road trip through the history of Utopian communities in the United States.

How The VCR Began America's Love Of On-Demand Content

As the last VCR factory in Japan closes down production, we take a look at the rise and fall of the videocassette recorder and the culture it created.

'Little Prince' Adaptations Aren't Easy — Just Ask Orson Welles

In 1943, the legendary filmmaker tried (and failed) to turn Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book into a movie. Director Mark Osborne got considerably further. His adaptation hit theaters on Friday.

At The Portrait Gallery, Students Tell The Stories That Pictures Can't

Washington, D.C., teens get into the spirit of historical figures and tell visitors what the portraits miss. In one instance, a student imagines a private talk between Richard Nixon and his wife.
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Donald Trump's Tax Returns And Whether The Public Has The Right To Know

Donald Trump has not released his tax returns. If this continues, he'll be the first major party presidential nominee in 40 years not to disclose them. The history of tax disclosure by presidential candidates and whether the public has the right to know.


'Portugal's Schindler' Is Remembered, Decades After His Lifesaving Deeds

Descendants of Jews who escaped Nazi-occupied France recently gathered to honor Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese diplomat who issued some 30,000 visas to Jews and others before he was recalled.