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Santa's Black-Faced Helpers Are Under Fire In The Netherlands

Since the 19th century, Christmas in the Netherlands has always included Santa's helpers, known as Black Pete. He's a Christmas tradition to some and a racist stereotype to others.

After Wrongful Conviction, Three Lifetimes Spent With Hope In Check

They were young men when they went to prison in 1975 for a murder they did not commit. The last two of them were freed this month, releasing a joy they could finally savor together.

In 'Imitation Game,' An Outsider Takes Center Stage

Director Morten Tyldum says he wanted the film, about World War II code breaker Alan Turing, to show "how important it is to actually celebrate those who are different than us instead of fear them."

A Musical Tribute For A Waiter Who Spoke Out Against Racism

Fifty years after the desegregation of the South, an oratorio will pay tribute to an unlikely civil rights activist — a waiter named Booker Wright who spoke out about discrimination on the job.

Jesus Started A Chain Letter — And Other Hoaxes

After Jesus died, he supposedly wrote a letter to Earth. A copy of that letter is now on display, along with other historic fakes and forgeries including a famous — and bogus — anti-Semitic tract.

Teacher Seeks Exoneration From McCarthy-Era Conviction

Miriam Moskowitz was convicted of conspiracy during the Red Scare. Now the 98-year-old wants to clear her name — and warn others of what happens when fear fuels persecution.

Chicken Confidential: How This Bird Came To Rule The Cultural Roost

Andrew Lawler's Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? explores the secret to the domesticated bird's success: "You can turn the chicken into almost anything," he says, from religious symbol to dinner.

Research: Long Connection Between Fraternities And Sexual Assault

Allegations of a gang rape at a University of Virginia frat party continue to shake that campus. Renee Montagne talks to historian Nicholas Syrett about the history and power of fraternities.

President Warren G. Harding: Paramour With A Pen

The Library of Congress released the rather racy love letters former President Warren G. Harding sent to his mistress. (This piece was originally broadcast on All Things Considered on July 29, 2014.)

Wacky Wrestlers Of Yesteryear

In America, there's a fine line between gimmicky wrestling and performance art.