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Rush For 1940 Census Data Jams Archives' Website

Robert Siegel talks with Susan Cooper, head of publicity for the National Archives, about Monday's system crash as the result of people trying to access their own family's history from the 1940 Census data as it was released.

Historic Ships Struggle To Stay Afloat

The USS Olympia in Philadelphia helped defeat the Spanish flotilla at the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898. Now, the ship needs a new steward and $10 million in repairs.

From 'App' To 'Tea': English Examined In '100 Words'

Linguist David Crystal believes every word has a story to tell, even the ones as commonplace as "and." In The Story of English in 100 Words, he compiles a collection of words — classic words like "tea" and new words like "app" — that explain how the the English language has evolved.

The 1940 Census: 72-Year-Old Secrets Revealed

On Monday, the National Archives will release a mother lode of previously unavailable data from the 1940 census. The mass of retro information is like a time capsule, dug up from yesterday, that will offer a sharp look at how much — or how little — America has changed in the past 72 years.

Fight For Klimt Portrait A Fight To Reclaim History

During World War II, the Nazis stripped Jews of their belongings, including many pieces of art. Some of these were returned after long legal battles. Author Anne Marie O'Connor's new book, The Lady in Gold, tells the story behind one of the most famous cases, Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.
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D.C. Holds Events To Celebrate Emancipation Act

A series of events will be held in April to celebrate the Emaciation Act.

1940 Census Release Is 'Super Bowl For Genealogists'

In April 1940, 120,000 census takers spread out across America to take an inventory of its residents. Seventy-two years later, we're finally going to see the names, addresses and jobs of all the people who were counted.