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'Living Fossils' Just A Branch On Cycad Family Tree

Though dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, there are still thought to be a few species left over from those days. Plants called cycads, the so-called "living fossils," have remained mostly unchanged for 300 million years. But a new study suggests that glamorous title may not be deserved.

What Slew An Ancient Mastodon? DNA Tells Tale

CT scans and new DNA technology indicate that a bone sharpened into a spear was used to kill a mastodon in the northwestern U.S. 13,800 years ago. The research revisits an old debate about the evidence for an early hunt in North America.

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D.C. Mayor Calls For Voting Rights At MLK Dedication

Amid all the fanfare surrounding the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial dedication in D.C. yesterday, Mayor Vincent Gray provided a rare sobering moment when called for D.C. voting rights. 


Poverty, Martin Luther King's Last Cause

The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall is being dedicated Sunday in Washington. Host Audie Cornish reflects on some of King's final words about economic injustice in America.
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Thousands Gather For MLK Dedication

After a nearly two-month postponement due to Hurricane Irene, thousands of people gathered for the Martin Luther King Jr. dedication ceremony.


Bones Of Aussie Outlaw Legend Rise Again

Ned Kelly was tall, manly, often on horseback, chivalrous to ladies, a sucker for babies, a revolutionary, a bank robber and even an Irish nationalist. And now, 130 years later, Australia's legendary outlaw hero has been found.